Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Somebody's Knocking

I'm gonna kill J. The other day, I was in the kitchen fixing something for lunch, and I heard this knocking sound. It sounded like a knock on the door. Very clear and sorta loud. The dogs were outside and they weren't barking so I thought they probably had gotten out of the yard. Some asshat had probably come in to the yard to deliver something or for whatever reason, and let them out. I was not happy. I checked to see who was knocking, but noone was there. Great! Whoever it was had left already. I looked out the back door, and the dogs were right there, happily biting on each others heads as usual. So, what was with the knocking? I just shrugged and figured I'd imagined it, and went back to work. So, today, I'm in the kitchen again, making a salad, and I hear this real clear knocking again. The dogs started barking and went to the door, I was like, "Great! Who the hell is that?" Nobody usually just stops at my house. I wasn't expecting any deliveries. So, I stop what I'm doing and go to the front door..nothing. I go to the back door..nothing. No sign of anyone, anywhere. WFT??? I then hear what sounds like a door slamming, and I realize that J has left his computer on. He has the sounds set up for when his buddies come on and leave to sound like opening and slamming doors..and when someone IMs him, it makes a door knocking sound! Damn that sounded real!

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