Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Top 10 Signs That ...

The Top 10 Signs That You Enjoyed The Music of the 80's A
Little Too Much

10) Your men's jogging group is called Dexy's Midnight

9) Most people call them Cops; You call them Der Kommissar.

8) You were genuinely saddened by the loss of Falco earlier
this year.

7) You have spent part of an evening wondering whatever
happened to the Mary Jane Girls.

6) You go to your favorite bar and order a Funky Cold Medina.

5) You dream of a comeback tour involving Winger, Poison,
Skid Row and Whitesnake.

4) You still get an erection everytime you hear the words
"Debbie Gibson."

3) Even though Paula Cole refuses to shave her pits, you
believe that Joan Jett could still whip her ass.

2) You catch a sexually transmitted disease that gives you
burning sensation when you pee and you immediately name
it "St. Elmo's Fire."

1) You've been caught dancing in a grocery store aisle while
lip syncing to something by Rick Astley over the store's
muzak stereo system.

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