Friday, May 14, 2004

Wally World Adventures

Do you have to have proof you're a moron to work at Wally World, or do they just take your word for it? Last week, I went to the local Super Wally World up the road from me, and bought a new printer/fax/scanner combo deal. The box had been opened and retaped, and I thought maybe I shouldn't get it, but then I figured it was on the shelf, they probably tested it, I'm sure it would be fine. That's what I get for thinking! I came home, hooked it up, installed as per the instructions. I have installed several printers in my time, so I had it down. It FAXed. It scanned. It copied... it didn't print. Well, that's not true, exactly. It printed blobs of yellow and a sickly blue colored messes. Not anything recognizeable as a word or an object. So, yesterday I decided to call the store to see if they had any more in stock before I hauled my cookies all the way to the store to get a replacment. This store didn't have one, so I called the Normandy store. That's on the other side of town, near where I just moved from. Normandy said they didn't have one, they had been discontinued, but the did have one..just one.. of the next higher up model, the Lexmark X4250. I thought maybe I'll have them hold it, but then thought I'd check this store over here first. I called, and was told they didn't have any. None. I didn't want to call back Normandy, so I decided to just wait until today. Now, today I was fixin' to go to return the printer, and decided to call the Normandy store to be sure they hadn't sold the one printer they had before we drove all the way over there. It, of course, was gone. My next brilliant plan was to return the one I had and get the cash, then just go online and order the one I wanted and just wait for it to be delivered. I pack up the printer, go to the store, wait for the electronics guy to come down to the customer service center to give the printer the once over. Just to make sure I didn't buy the printer and keep any of the accessories and then bring it back and get the cash. That foiled my plan to get a free printer cartridge by returning it and keeping the cartridge.. curses! Once it was determined that I wasn't pilfering stuff, I decided to go back and just check out what they had in stock. Just in case they had an acceptable one I could get today, so I didnt have to wait for one to be delivered. Guess what! They had five of the Lexmark X4250 models on the shelf. Right there! In plain daylight. Now, I suppose it could be that they just happened to get a delivery in today, and that's why they actually did have some. Or, I suppose it could be that they didn't see them on the shelf when I called to ask yesterday. Maybe they wrote down the wrong number or something. could just be..that the lazy sob who answered the phone when I called last night and said they had none just didn't feel like walking his happy ass over two aisles down to actually check. I'm betting it was number 3. I got my printer, along with 50 pounds of Ol Roy dog food, a new collar for Belle, cuz she lost hers today (it's red with dog paws printed on cute) a new kitty bowl for the kitties, a new brush, a shelf for my room and a wire utility cart dealie to put magazines and all these papers and stuff I got piled around here in, some salad and fruit, and some Caress Silky Lustrous Skin body wash, the Shimmering Pearls type - I don't do bar's a new kind, and it smells all purty. I can't wait to take a shower so I can use it. I may just go take one when I finish this post, even though I took one just before I left the house.

Now, on the up side, we stopped at Mickey D's on the way out to grab some food. A young black girl..a McD's employee...came running up to me, scared the crap out of me, and asked me how old I thought she looked. I'm no good at the "how old do I look" game, so I usually don't play. I guessed she was about 19 and it turned out she was 17. She was happy that I told her she looked older, for some reason. So, I said, "How old do you think I look?" The girl said 23 and the counter dude said 26. I soooo love them. I told them they are now my new best friends. I wasn't going to tell them how old I actually was, but they were like, come on, ya gotta tell. When I said 37, both of their jaws dropped. I WIN! I love that look. As irritating as it is to get carded at 37, especially when you don't have your ID on you, I really hope I continue to make people get that look for a long, long time. Now.. I think I am going to go take that shower.

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