Friday, May 07, 2004

Waste Not, Want Not

I have this thing that happens at my house, and maybe it happens to you, too. I just cleaned out my fridge and my shelves and threw out about a trash bag and a half of boxes, bags, and cans of old, stale, or rotting stuff that was left in the fridge to rot. Yeah, some of it is leftovers and veggies and stuff that were just starting to go bad before I had a chance to use them. I really, really HATE when that happens..grrrrr. The rest of it was boxes of cereal with one small serving of cereal left, jars of fruit with one serving left in them, one hot dog left in a package, two pieces of cheese that didn't get eaten and got hard, boxes of crackers and bags of chips that were almost, but not quite empty, cottage cheese with about two mouthfuls left in the container, an almost empty ketchup bottle that got left in the fridge unused, and the new bottle was opened and sits in there too. Ya see where I'm goin' here? Why..Why..WHY can't someone use the last of what's in the box of cereal before opening the new box? Is it too much to ask? What was wrong with that last bit of ketchup that it couldn't have been used before the new bottle was opened? Or, if you don't want to use the last of something, at least throw out the little bit that's left if you're going to open the new one. I know, in some cases, some stuff gets left because people are trying to be considerate and leave the last of something for someone else, so as not to look like a hog. Of course, this is after they have eaten the entire rest of the whatever it was, and they leave barely enough for a worthwhile serving, so it gets left. Then, in some cases, it gets left because there's just a little left, but they don't want to just waste it and throw the little bit away, just in case someone wants it. The sad thing is there are only two of us in this house, though John may have contributed some, and I have no children. So, guess who is the one guilty of leaving the majority of the nearly empty bottles and cans in the cupboards and fridge.. yeah, that's right.

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