Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Checkin' In

Hellooo people! Yes, I'm still alive. I have been pretty busy the past few days, so I haven't had time to post or visit all my bloggy friends, but I've just been going and going. We had Eric again this past weekend, and J took him and his little girlfriend to Adventure Landing for the day on Saturday. I didn't go, although I did kinda want to. I just didn't feel like dealing with the crap. They have a water park there, miniature golf, laser tag, go-kart rides, and a huge arcade, it's a lot of fun, but all I would want to do is play in the water and maybe play in the arcade, and J wants to spend his whole day on the go-karts. Why, I don't know. He has a real car. What's the thrill about scrunching yourself into a little fake one and going around and around in circles, dodging 10 year olds who can't steer? Once or twice is fun.. after the 50th time the thrill is gone. I haven't bought my tickets for Mass yet, but I plan to buy them when I get paid on the 10th of July. I already picked my flight and I'm all psyched about going. The good thing, or sorta good thing, is, J wanted to come with me, and he whined when I said I might go alone, but now he's thinking he might not be able to go. He's starting his new job soon and he has school and stuff, so he may not be able to take the time off. Yahoo for me!! If he doesnt go, I don't have to board the dogs in a kennel, I don't have to pay for a rental car, since it's just me and all I want to do is sit at Lisa's house and visit, or at the campground if we do end up going camping. I don't need a car for that. Maybe he found himself a new girlfriend, or he's decided he wants the house to himself so he can have a party for himself while I'm gone. Whatever! I don't care what he does. What I don't know won't hurt me. I probably will still buy two tickets, just in case he decides he does want to come. That way, if he comes he has a ticket, and if he doesn't, I have plenty of room to be comfy on the plane. I hate to fly alone though. I hate to fly at all, actually. I like the actual flight, but I get so nervous before the flight, worrying about the plane crashing and stuff. I know statistically it's very safe, and I've never had any problems when I've flown, but still. You never know. Stuff can happen. Once I'm in the air, I kinda get really calm, and relax..and usually sleep through the whole flight. I think they put something in the cabin air to put you to sleep. I just figure, once I'm up there it's too late to do anything about anything then. If it's gonna crash, ain't nothing I can do, so I might as well just kick back and deal with whatever happens. I'm sure it'll be fine. I haven't flown since 9/11, so I'm sure there will be some differences from the last time I flew security-wise. I hear they sometimes make you take off your shoes and do all kinds of weird shit now. Should be fun. Well, that's all I have time for, for now. Just wanted to check in and give a little update, in case anyone thought I died or something.

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