Friday, June 04, 2004

Feelin' Scrappy?

Wow..there's a scrapbooking convention going on here in Jacksonville this weekend. They showed pics of it on the news, and there are tons and tons of people all over the place. I'd love to go, but I don't dare. That's one thing I've never gotten into, but I can bet I'd get sucked in pretty easy. I knew that scrapping was a big time hobby with lots of people, but some of the people they interviewed said they spent $100 or more a month os crapping supplies and stuff. They said the average is $50 a month for most scrappers. That's $600 a year to decorate a photo album, essentially. I can see the appeal, I love to do creative things, and they showed some of the things people have made, and they certainly are gorgeous and really creative. In this day of digital photography, where most pictures never see "the light of day" in terms of actually being printed, they are all uploaded to the web and saved on hard drives and digital media, I guess it's nice to see that "regular" photos are still being kept and preserved like that. I just wonder what you do with them once they're done? You just set hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours of work and creativity on the shelf, and once in a great while they get dusted off and shown? I bet some of these scrapbooks being made now will be worth lots of money sometime in the distant future to collectors, like certain kinds of folk art. Oh well, I'm staying far away from that convention, that's all I know. I can't afford to buy tissue paper and photo albums.. I have enough trouble stopping myself from buying beads.

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