Saturday, June 05, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Guess where I went tonight?

Go on... GUESS!


J came in tonight and he said he was bored, so I said, jokingly, figuring he would never actually do it, that he should take me to see Harry Potter. He said no, he couldn't afford it, at first. Which is what I expected. Then about 15 minutes later, he came back in the room and said if I wanted to go, I'd better get ready. It was awesome! Having read the books, there was a few things I wish had been different, and things they should have included and/or explained more, but I thought it was really a great movie to watch. I really missed the original Dumbledore, he was so awesome. The new one is good too, but just seems less magical or something. He's shorter and, I don't know, just different. When Lupin changed to the ..wait, I won't tell ya about that, in case you don't know..but I just thought that it was a pretty funky looking transformation compared to what you would traditionally expect him to look like. I was totally psyched and couldn't wait to see it, and I wasn't at all disappointed.

Before we went to the movie, he took me out to eat at
I took a picture of the giant ape they have in the middle of the restaurant

You can see how huge it is, compared to the size of the guy sitting in front of it, even though it's kinda dark in there. We went to a new Larry's, which is their new corporate headquarters, and it was really cool in there. It was just built, and when you drive around the back out of the parking lot, you can see this

I thought it was really pretty, so I took a pic of it. You can't tell in the picture, because I don't have a zoom lens, but the apartments are really nice and they're all different colors, so it looks a lot cooler up close.

J, in typical J fashion, managed to irritate me. He acted like he wanted to see the movie, then when we got there we had to wait for an hour before they started seating, and he got cranky. Here he is standing in line

We were like first in line, but he was complaining he was bored and tired the whole tiime we stood there. Grrrrrr This is me being annoyed
Ten minutes into the movie, he fell asleep. When he did wake up, he complained that he was cramped in his seat and uncomfortable, and cold, and tired. Waaah.. His legs were cramped because he couldn't put them on the seat in front of him, like he usually does. He has long legs, and he was in the corner seat, next to the wall, and with people on the other side of me, I couldn't just move over to give him much more room, but it wasn't that bad in there. He was just complaining. It didn't ruin the movie for me, but it did put a damper on my enjoyment of it. It's so much better to see something you're really excited about or into with someone who is as excited about it as you are, or at least can appreciate it and try to enjoy it. Not J..he couldn't manage to try to enjoy it. I didn't let him bring me down or ruin my night. I got to see the movie I've been waiting for a long time to see, I appreciate the fact that he brought me, and I had a great time in spite of him, and that's all that counts.

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