Saturday, June 19, 2004

I had big plans for an actual post at some point today, but somehow it just never happened. I have started a few over the last day or so, but I just can't seem to manage to finish one. Eric is here again for the weekend, so I've been spending time with him and J, and splashing in the pool of course. I'll take a picture of it one of these days, but it's just your basic vinyl type pool from WallyWorld..the $348 special. It's 18' x 42", round, blue, vinyl, with a blownup ring around the top and filled with water..nothing special..but it's been making me pretty happy. I will pretty much be up til the butt crack of dawn working tonight, since I slacked off and got on the phone with my best friend in the world, Lisa, in Massachusetts..I haven't talked to her in about 2 months, so it was catch-up time. Three hours later we just hung up, so now I gotta work and I'm really pretty tired. This aint gonna be fun. I got a little sunburn on my face and arms today, but nothing too bad. Its pretty red, but I don't think it's going to peel or anything. I hope not, anyway. The good thing is I found out Lisa just got a cell phone and she has T-mobile too, so with mobile to mobile we can talk 24/7 if we like.. wheeeeeee. So now I'm going to work and I will attempt to make a post of some substance in the near future.

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