Saturday, June 12, 2004


What do you say to an extremely shy about his body 14 year old boy when his brother completely pantses him in the side yard of your house?? I mean..the pants were completely off for about a full minute, right out there in the yard. He was Mortified! I didn't see it, it was just him and his brother and J, his uncle, and probably none of the neighbors saw, because noone was outside at the time..but you woulda thought they paraded him stark naked down Jax Beach. The tears, the drama, the utter life-shattering embarrassment. Apparently, he was inside of the pool (which I bought today, by the way YIPPEE), standing in it while it fills, and he said something smart, and OFF they came! Whoosh! He ran into the house, once he recovered his shorts from the hands of his laughing brother, and locked himself in the bathroom for a full 30 minutes, crying his little eyes out. We managed to talk him down after about half an hour of reassuring him that, while it was wrong of his brother to do that, and of course, understandably embarrassing, it wasn't the end of the world, and if that was the last time his little shiney white hiney ever saw the light of day in front of strangers in his life, he would be damn lucky. It's not like I was out there, or any strangers saw him. The poor thing. I felt so bad for him, but it was all I could do not to laugh. Not at the fact that it happened, because I know how shy he is, but at just how much drama there was over it. "I wanna go hooooome.. I'm never coming ouuuut"...the tears..oh, the tears! I don't know how he's gonna survive high school and gym class being that shy, unless they don't make them shower after gym anymore...or the locker rooms all have private changing rooms. I know they sure did make them when I went to school. He's so mature in some ways, you'd think he was 20 instead of a week into being 14, but sometimes he's still so very young. He's over it now, because I promised him pizza for dinner, and I yelled at John for him, so I guess he'll survive it all. Now, he'll have something to tell his therapist when he grows up.

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