Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Top 10 Least Romantic Sayings

10) "You're The Cheez Wiz on my potato."

9) "Being without you is like a biscuit without gravy."

8) "I need you like someone with the squirts needs Pepto

7) "You make me so excited, I just can't hold my bladder."

6) "I wanna be close to you like a leech on an abrasion."

5) "I want you like a dog wants a muscular leg."

4) "You mean more to me than a Buy one, Get one Free Coupon
at Waffle House."

3) "I want you more than a Romulan wants to kill a Klingon."

2) "I want you more than the nastiest heroin addict needs a
fix from a dirty needle."

1) "Its either you or the dog but I gotta sleep with someone

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