Thursday, June 24, 2004

Yippeeee. I'm so excited. After thinking and thinking about not being able to go home for the 4th for the big bash, I was getting really bummed, and then I decided phuque it! I figured some stuff out and looked at some fares and I found a flight for 219.00 per person on Labor Day Weekend, and I think I'm gonna go home to Mass on Labor Day Weekend. I have some paid days coming to me, and he will be working and should be able to give me some cash, and that's not a bad price, so I think I should be able to swing it no problem. I just need to figure out what to do with the doggies. I hate to put them in a kennel, but I will if I have to. It may be the easiest way. Maybe mom and dad will come stay for the weekend to take care of them. They do it for Diane, but I'm not sure if they'd come stay here or not. I'll have to ask them and see what they say. I'm sure John will stay if I asked him too, but I don't trust him. He'll do in an emergency though. I just want to go hoooooooome. I miss Lisa and the kids so much, I can't wait to see everyone. The bad thing is I may not get to see my brothers while I'm up there. If I see them once for a few hours I'll be doing good, but I just saw them in March, so it sucks but it's not tragic. If I go, we'll leave Thursday night or Friday morning, and come back on Tuesday, and we're gonna go camping while we're there from Saturday until Monday. That won't leave much time to see everybody. Lisa has a camper they keep at a campground up there, and she said they were planning to go for Labor Day, so I said that's fine, no need to change their plans. It should be a blast. I haven't been camping in three or four years..actually, maybe it was longer than that. I'm not sure.

I know J has been wanting to go camping, and I keep putting him off. He can't believe I actually want to go now that we're going up to Mass. What he doesn't realize is, camping with just me and J does not appeal to me. That trip, to me, means a $300 trip to Wally World to buy all the stuff we don't have and stuff we don't really need, but we should get "just in case", and buying extra food and stuff to take. Then, it's driving all the way to whatever campground we're heading to, and this would be the last peaceful time of the entire trip, because once we got there, all hell would break loose. Setting up a tent with J is something I've done once before, and don't hope ever to do again. Doing anything that requires cooperation and communication with J is not fun. I'd rather chew tacks. He's a pain in the ass. Once the tent was up, if we managed to get it up without blood shed, we would commence with the "fun" part. That would mean either sitting around the site doing nothing..wheeeeeeee.. or maybe driving off somewhere to find something to do. This, of course, would cost me money..because everything does. We would inevitably end up actually doing nothing, because we wouldn't be able to agree on what we want to do, or if there was something to do..we'd end up irritating each other somehow, so that it just wasn't worth the effort. Then, he would expect me to COOK. On a grill or Coleman stove, or some such contraption. I don't cook in my house with a stove and convenient equipment. What makes him think I'll cook in the woods over some open flames?? I think camping food should be ham and cheese sammiches, peanut butter and jelly, maybe a box of Cocoa Puffs, junk food and finger foods. Maybe you should stick a hot dog on a stick and cook it in the fire.. that I could do. Although, I don't eat hot dogs... And toasted marshmallows.. that's camping. He still expects real food. Yet, he doesn't have to cook or clean up. He's outta his tree. I pretty much think the menu camping with Lisa will be hot dogs, hamburgs, sammiches..maybe some chips.. and BEER, of course, cuz they like their beer. Now, there's a menu I can get behind.

Now I need to save my pennies, buy some new clothes and stuff, and start planning the big trip. I only have 71 days to get ready...

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