Thursday, August 19, 2004

Birthday Week Update

Well, my birthday week is almost over, and not much exciting happened. Di took me out on Saturday night to Dave's for beer and kareoke, and we had a great time. We had cake and ice cream and dinner at her house first with the family, and then we went out after her ex picked up the kids. J, of course, couldn't be bothered to come to her house to do "the birthday thing" with me. He did buy me roses, though. Then, he bitched when I got home late. I told him to go screw though, cuz I was out celebrating my birthday with my family and people who give a shit, and if he was worried about what time I got home, he shoulda got off his dead behind and came over there with me. I think he figured he was gonna get lucky cuz he bought me flowers..pffffffffft. The kareoke part was a lot of fun. I'm getting a little more comfortable with it, now that I've done it a couple times. There were a few people who were actually pretty good. I even got up and sang alone, and we sang a bunch of times together. Well..actually, I didn't go up there by myself, because I'm chicken, but Di went up with me and stood there while I sang. There was some major flirting going on with me and a couple guys in the table in front of us, and this one guy was hitting on Di pretty hard, but unfortunately it didn't go beyond flirting, and we never really got together to talk, because I do have J. As long as he's here, regardless of the state of our relationship or lack thereof, I won't go messing with anyone else. I told him to get the phuque out last night, cuz he pissed me off a whooooole lot. He's waiting to find out if they are going to hire him on full time as a regular employee at the school, and I sure hope they do. Maybe if he's making some money, he'll realize he doesn't need me anymore and leave me. Hope springs eternal.

I'm still waiting for the appraiser people to call me about appraising the house, so I can get my financing done, but its been about two weeks now. I was glad it took a while really, cuz I had a bitch of a time getting someone to cut the grass on the empty lots, and our mowers are busted. I got the electric walk behind mower back today, it's finally fixed, but the ride-on is still busted. That one is next. I ended up having to pay a guy up the street $80.00 to mow the lots and my yard. The grass was pretty damn high though, so I didn't think that was a bad price. After calling all over and trying to find someone who would cut it for a decent price, I ended asking Mack to do it, because he was sitting out in front of my house on his lawn mower. People around here ride their mowers up and down the street, for some reason. It's very odd, but it worked out well for me. This is a really nice neighborhood people-wise. Everyone is really friendly and they all know each other, and watch out for each other. DeWitt, the guy who fixed my mower, doesn't even really know me and he fixed it for me and just charged me for the parts. It's a nice change from the other places I've lived down here, where I never really talked to most of my neighbors, and the few times I did, I ended up regretting it. I plan to be here for a while.... if I can get my house bought. I should know more in the next week or so, and once we get the appraisal done, it shouldn't be long before we can close. I hope they do it before I leave for Mass, but the way we're going, it could be Christmas before it gets done.

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