Saturday, August 14, 2004

Not That I'm Complainin'...

Okay, it's almost 2:00 a.m...where are the winds? where are the pounding rains and the howling gales? Why is my roof not being ripped from the walls? What happened to the brutal winds that "sound like a train coming"? By now, I expected to be hovering in the corner, trying not to go near the windows, hoping they wouldn't shatter and spray glass and debris around my room. I was expecting to be sitting in the dark with my flashlight, with no power and no phone. Pfffffffft. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I like my walls without trees poking through them, and I am glad that nothing got destroyed, and noone got hurt. I wasn't looking forward to not having electricity either, because I really do need to work tonight and tomorrow, and I would hate to lose the time and get behind on stuff, but damn it.. I expected something! Anything! The storm, apparently, did just as I expected it to do, just as they always do. It went in a different direction, and turned out towards the ocean. It went right around us. They usually seem to do that...just pass us by. Jacksonville must just be in a great location, and major storms don't like to come this way. I guess some places got winds and lots of rain out by the beach, but we got nothing but some rain. Not even very heavy rain, at that. So, I guess I'll just continue working tonight and get stuff done, and hope the next two storms they say are forming follow the path of this one and go right by. At least the next time, I won't have to run around and find batteries and stuff, I got the lantern thingy and enough water to last a while. Good thing I drink a lot of water every day anyway. On the upside, J actually bought me dinner tonight, that was different! I'm loaning him some money next week so he can take two certificatioin tests he needs to take for school. I normally wouldn't give him money, seeing as I'm already supporting his ass, but he says he's pretty positive he can pass them both, and if he does there is a strong chance he'll have a job that he can start right away, even though he doesn't graduate until December, He'll make 45,000.00 a year. ..or so he claims. This would be spectacular for me in two ways, first because he can then give me some cash..then, the best part, he claims if he gets a good job he's moving out. He claims this house is too small, and he wants a bigger house. He says I can move with him and rent this place out ...(yeah, RIGHT!) or he'll go without me.. breaks my heart, really, it does. I ain't going nowhere. Not that I won't miss him.. once in a while.. but, I'll have to try and make it through without him...somehow. Wheeeeeeeeee. There's no way to know whether he'll go right away, or if he'll wait for a while before he goes. Only time will tell, but I think it's worth the 240.00 investment either way.

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