Saturday, August 28, 2004


Ya know what's phuqued up?! It's bad enough that when I pay 80.00+ a month for cable TV, I have to sit through a zillion commercials in my home, but now you get commercials no matter what ya do! Sit down at your computer, and you get bombarded with stupid POS popup ads for crap you don't want and don't need. You have to go find a special program and install it on your computer, simply to make it possible to surf without having to stop every 3 seconds to kill a phuqing popup! Don't even get me started on the massive amounts of SPAM that finds its way into my email every day of the week...sheesh! Then, it used to be when you buy a video, you'd get the previews for other movies at the beginning of some of them, but you can fast forward through them if you aren't interested, and at least they're entertaining, and it's sorta like going to a regular movie..but now, you buy a DVD and there's commercials on some of them, too! Com-phuqing-mercials on your damn DVDs! I paid for the DVD..why I gotta watch a commercial? Now..if all this aint bad enough, they're playing G-Damn commercials at the freaking movie theaters. Yeah! Com-damn-phuqing-mercials at the start of a movie in the dang theater. WTF?! Now, along with your previews and the singing hotdog, and the please turn off your cell phones and be quiet type stuff.. you gotta watch Fanta commercials, car commercials, and ads telling me to Be All That I Can Be and join the service.. what kinda crap is that?! I paid 8.00 for my ticket, and another 12.00 for popcorn and sodas..don't they make enough damn money, without making us sit through ads too? Okay.. I'm done ranting now.. we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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