Tuesday, September 28, 2004

After the Storm.

Hurricane Jeanne came and went, and though our lights held out way longer than I expected them to, they went out finally on Sunday afternoon about 5:00, and are still out now. This time, I have the added bonus of my phone being out since early Sunday morning also. The phone company says there are widespread outages with this storm, and on top of the outages, a big tree branch fell on my lines and knocked the line down. Thank Gawd for cell phones! Again, of course, Diane, my mom, and even Brenda out in BFE, all have lights back on already. They lost them for at most a couple of hours, and I'm without still at my house. We went to Di's on Sunday for a few hours, but couldn't stay there too late because we had to be home to let the dogs in and out, and J didn't want to sleep there because he said he wouldnt be able to sleep. He's been on my nerves really, really bad, and we've been bickering and arguing about every stupid little thing in the world for the past few days. I came really, really, REAAALLY close to throwing his ass out early Monday morning, cuz he really pissed me off ..he is such an ass sometimes..but I didn't boot him, and instead I just decided to ignore him when he started being a dick. Mostly because I need his help with taking care of the dogs and stuff until the power comes back on. If it weren't for that, he'd probably be sleeping in his car, that's how sick of listening to his mouth I was. He's been trying to help and do what he can, and he's been running back and forth letting the dogs in and out, picking up stuff we need. Of course, the offer of the free place to work in Maclenny didn't pan out, because they didn't have power either this time, and Brenda's lights came back on shortly after they went out, so she didn't need to vacate to Atlanta to a hotel room this time, so that free room didn't happen either. I have to work though, so I found a hotel room at the nearest, cheapest hotel to my house that offers high speed internet access, and that's where we're parked from last night, until whatever time the lights and my phone are back on. They are predicting it may take as long as Saturday to get everyone back on, but I sincerely hope ours are back on way before Saturday. I really can't afford to stay here until then. Although, as long as I stay through Thursday, the end of the pay period, I can always go home and take the first day or two of the new pay period off if they're not back on yet. I'll just have to wait and see, I guess. The thing that really sucks is that if we had gotten the house closing done before all this crap started, I could have lights, because I could go finance one of those whole-house generator deals that cost 3000.00, that switch over automatically to generator power if your lights go out, and I'd have no problems. It's a lot of money, but it's an investment that would probably pay off if I go to sell the house. I can't do anything though, because I'm not supposed to do anything that would require a credit inquiry to be put on my credit report until after we close. We haven't done the closing because of the damn storms, and its really holding me up on a lot of things I need to do. Now, my yard is full of branches and twigs, and my grass is pretty high again.. not to mention the swamp out there. I need to get that all picked up before they come to do the appraisal, and J isn't doing it. He says its too much for him to do alone. Anyway, I guess I'll get back to work now, and attempt to get some money made while he's gone and it's quiet. I miss my house, I miss my bed, I miss my puppies.. and I'm soooooooooooo sick of this bullshit. I should have stayed in Mass.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Before I left for vacation, they were talking about this stupid hurricane Jeanne, and I thoiught it would have come and gone long before I got back. No such luck. Now it's on its way here to wreak havoc on us once again, and I'm so over this hurricane bullshit. Usually, we get hurricane warnings every year, they swear these huge, major hurricanes are coming right towards us, everyone panics, and they go right by.. not this year. We're getting them all, though not half as bad as those further down south are getting hit. I guess I should be happy that by the time they get here, they tend to be downgraded to tropical storms or level 1 storms. Unfortunately, this area of town seems to lose power if someone sneezes, and it's really pissing me off. I can't work when there's no power, and after losing all those days last pay period from that asshole Frances, then being on vacation for the first half of this one, I can't afford to lose any more days. We lost power today for a few hours, and it wasn't even storming. It was raining a bit outside, and the wind was blowing very, very mildly, and all of a sudden we heard the loud pop as the power blew. I had gone grocery shopping and picked up a few things, and came home and cooked up a bunch of spaghetti, a bunch of chicken, and some sausage slop..stuff that we can eat cold for a few days if we have to..and just as I finished cooking, and finished the dishes, as I was getting ready to head back to work, the lights went out. I thought for sure we would be without power from this point on, so we went to my sister's and I called hotels trying to find one that had a vacancy for tonight and tomorrow night, but they only had openings for tonight. They are all booked for tomorrow and Monday. PFFFFFFFFFT. It makes no sense for one night. By the time I got packed up, got there, got set up, and sat down to work, it wouldnt have been worth having to turn around for checkout time at noon tomorrow to go back home. I don't want to go too far from home, because I need to be close enough to be able to come home and let the puppies out and stuff. So, I'm going to work as much as I can for the rest of tonight, until my power goes out (and it pretty much is guaranteed to go out) and then I guess I'll lose another day of work. Monday I should be okay, because my friend Brenda has some friends in Maclenny who said that if they have power on Monday, and we don't, we can go out there and stay out there until the power goes back on here, so we can use their internet connection and be able to work. That's assuming they have power still themselves. If they don't, and we really need to, the company she works for offered to pay for a hotel room for her until the power goes back on, so she can work. Although, we may have to drive up to Atlanta for that. For some reason, the offer was for a hotel in Atlanta. That's okay though, as long as I can work I'll do what I need to do. Right now, I guess I'll head back to work and get done whatever I can while I still have power to work with.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Home Again

I'm baaack! Boy, I needed that! As predicted, by the time I got to Mass, I was over the whole guilty thing and ready to enjoy my vacation. I never did get to the Big E, which was kinda disappointing, but there just wasn't time. Plus, I got this gimongous blister on my heel from my new shoes, so there was no way I would be able to walk all over the fair. I don't walk well when I don't have a huge blister, it sure isn't a lot of fun with one. I visited with everyone, and got to hang out with the girls, so that was all I really wanted to do anyway. Lisa's friend was in the hospital, so we went to the hospital a couple nights to sit with her for a while, and the friend's son's wedding was on Saturday, so I went with Lisa to the rehearsal dinner and to the wedding. We went to Longhorn's for the rehearsal dinner and it kinda sucked. We still had fun, but the food was a complete disappointment. We only got to go to that, even though we weren't family or actually part of the wedding, because two of the girls, Steph and Holly, were in the wedding. Walter, the father of the groom, who is Lisa's friend's husband, was such a jerk. We were laughing our asses off at him all night. It only cost 350.00 to feed 28 people, including a few people who ordered alcohol and the 5.00 piece of cheesecake that the bride ordered, and he was flippin' out about the cost. He only paid half to start with. It was pretty hilarious. The wedding itself was nice, and the reception was really nice too. The bride's parents were really, really nice people. The groom's family was a complete mockery. LOL. We were worried that MJ, mother of the groom/Lisa's friend, wouldnt get out of the hospital and be able to go, but they released her and she was able to go in a wheelchair. It turns out that I know her mom, because I used to work with her in Kmart a thousand years ago. I think I worked there from like 1985 to 1986 or 87. She was a nice lady. Small world. The reception was held at the Castle of the Knights hall in Chicopee, and they served a ton of cheese and crackers, fruit, and veggies as appetizers, and then the meal was a buffet of steak, prime rib, shrimp, chicken, salad, and a bunch of other stuff. It was soooo good. I had to go to K-mart and buy new shoes before the wedding, because the ones I brought with me gave me the blister and I couldn't wear them. That's the one thing I forget about living in West Side, it's not like living here. There's not a Wally World or K-mart every 500 feet, you have to drive all the way to Westfield and stuff. It's pretty much a trek to get to the store. They don't have super Wally World either. They do have, however, Dunkin Donuts everywhere. There's a Dunkies right around the corner from Lisa's house, so Coolattas and Boston Creme donuts are way too close for comfort. Other than the wedding and running to the hospital, we pretty much just hung out. I went to Britty's soccer game on Sunday. Her team lost, but she did really well. Unfortunately, Lisa had to work while I was there, filling in for MJ while she was in the hospital, but we still managed to find time to visit and have fun...and eat A LOT. I went next door Friday during the day to visit with Lisa's mom til she got home. Her mom has diabetes and is pretty much housebound now. She's only in her 50's, but she can't walk well and needs a wheelchair. It was good to get to visit with her and Lisa's sister, Kim, too. I never did get to see either of my brothers while I was there, but I did call them. We just couldn't work it out. That was okay though, because I just saw them all a few months ago, and I was really there to visit with Lisa. They are talking about coming down for Thanksgiving, so I'll see them then. I may not see Lisa and the gang for another three years. I'm supposed to go back up in June for Ryan's graduation..she's all excited about that..but who knows if I'll make it or not. I'd like to go, because she'll be the first of their family to actually graduate. I'm gonna have to see what I can do, I guess. If I do go, and J is still here, I'll probably have a bitch of a time trying to get to go alone again. All he did the whole time I was gone was call me and aggravate me. I talked to him on Monday, and he pissed me off with his stupidness so bad I had to hang up on him three times in a half hour conversation. The whining! the bitching! the absolute stupidity! I didnt answer the phone after a while, because I didn't want to deal with him. OMG! I did really, really miss my puppies though. I wish I coulda brought them with me. Every time I go up there, they tell me to stay, and move back up there, and I actually think about it. I love being with them and spending time up there. There is always something to do, somewhere to go, people to talk to, some event going on. They have parties and different events, and they go camping and actually do stuff, and I could be part of it all. I could have a life again. I could stay and enjoy the fall foliage and the smell and feel of fall in New England. I've always loved that. I'm always so sad to have to go. It breaks my heart to get on the plane. Then.. I remember that it will be cold up there really soon, and I hate the snow. Then.. I get off the plane and see the familiar places and things I'm used to now.. it's warm here.. my family is here.. we have Super Wally World. Then.. I get to my peaceful, quiet house...with my stuff, my comfy bed, and my puppies and kitties that drown me in doggy love and are so deliriously happy that I'm here...and I'm glad to be home.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

What's WRONG With Me
Here Iam sitting in the airport, waiting on a flight..2,5 hours early BTW ..but that's a bitchfest for later...and i'm on vacation I earned it, I sure as hell need it, I can't wait to get there. So..why do I feel like I'm doing something wrong..like I should be home working and taking care of J and the puppies? I'm anxious about flying to start with, and now I feel guilty about abandoning my puppies, and not sitting home working when I could be. I think I'm demented or something. I know once I get there I'll be fine, and forget about guilt and work, and everything else. ...though I already miss the puppies, but right now I'm just gonna sit here and try not to think about all the things I should be doing besides loafing around taking vacations.
Blogging On The Zire 72
Gotta love all this newfangled teknoligy. I can be able to blog anywhere now with the PDA. I don't think I'll be composing any huge posts this way, cuz even with TextPLUS to help fill in some stuff, it's still a lot slower going than typing on a regular keyboard. Sure is kewl though

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Leaving On a Jet Plane

In just over 24 hours from now, I will be getting on the plane and heading off to Massachusetts for six glorious days of fun and freedom.. and freezing my ass off. I forgot it's kinda cold up there in September, and I don't really own a jacket. I may have to break down and buy one I think, although I guess I could just stay in the house the whole time. I hate wearing jackets and coats, they're so restricting and icky. I like the look of them but wearing them is a completely different story. I'm just hoping that stupid Hurricane Ivan isn't here by then, because I'm freaking out enough about having to fly after not flying for so many years, a hurricane is all I need. At least they're saying it looks like we won't get too much of it, unless the course changes a lot over the next 24 hours, so they shouldn't have to cancel my flight or anything. If it does come through, and the power goes out this time, at least I won't be here to have to deal with it. I'm really nervous about leaving the dogs here for six days with J to look after them. They are gonna freak .. I can just imagine the whining from Jazmine now. I'm gonna miss my puppies so much, I haven't been without them for that many days either. I'm pretty much finished packing except for a few last minute things, and I think I'll be able to get away with not having to check a bag..thank Gawd! I hate waiting in that dang baggage claims place. Lisa and John will be picking me up at the airport, I can't wait to see them. I really do need this vacation.. lots!! I kinda wish J could come with me, cuz I feel bad leaving him, but I really do need a vacation from him too. Six whole whine-free, bitch-free days..wheeeeeeeeee. The only bad thing is that with missing all those days from work from the storm, and then I ended up missing most of this weekend too because I had more computer problems and my coordinator wanted to be a fuckhead, so I'm gonna be completely and totally screwed this pay period. My check is gonna suck in a major way. I wont be able to pay my rent. I'll have to get payday loans, and then I'll have to pay them back. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. But I'm not gonna stress. I'm not gonna worry. It will all work out one way or the other in the end. Okay.. I'm going back to work and try to earn as much money as I can before the end of the pay period tomorrow night.

I colored my hair today for the first time in a long while..its pretty blonde, but of course with these dang red highlights


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Blogger's New Features

I'm really kinda likin' Blogger's new features. The search bar at the top of the page with the Blog This and next blog features is pretty convenient. I also love the new editing features and that they added that whole hide it feature..whatever it's called.. where you can hide part of your post and click the link to read the rest. But one of the kewlest things I've found is the Picasa, through Google, combined with Hello and BloggerBot that lets you post pics to your blog without having to make links or upload them to your own webspace. The software does it for you, and they're hosted on Blogger. You just click on the pic, write a caption if you like, and click ..and it's right on your blog, like magic.It's a heck of a lot easier. I may post a lot more pics now..you've been warned! lol

I bought myself a new camera, cuz my other one got dropped and it doesn't want to work anymore. It's not the one I wanted, cuz I couldn't afford the one I wanted at the moment..but it takes pretty good pictures. I uploaded some of them that I took this weekend below. We had a birthday party for my Dad and my sister, and I got to ride in Drew's new truck. I've never been in a big truck before, even though my dad drove trucks for years. It was pretty kewl! Makes it kinda hard to find a parking space tthough.

My little bitty baby brutha Drew!

This is a picture I took out my bedroom window of the church across the street.

Jazmine..looking out the window.

Here's a picture of Belle laying on my bed.

My baby brother, Drew, is in town this weekend. He gave me a ride to Di's in his brand new truck.

We went to J's brother's today, and John was there. He bummed a cigarette and gave me the finger..charming ain't he!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Phuque You Frances!

I'm baaaaaaaack. After four days without power, thanks to that fuckhead Frances, I am finally back. I have power. I have AC! I have T-E-L-E-V-I-S-I-O-N and a stove and frig that work.. YIPPEE. I still smell like a sweaty sock.. but I can take a shower now...and do my laundry. Even though there was pretty good breezes blowing outside from the storms, and we opened the windows and doors, it was still humid inside. Then when it wasn't raining and the sun came out, it was hotter than the devil's ass in here, and there was nothing to do but sit and swelter. My power went out Sunday afternoon, and for the past four days I've been sitting here, sweating my ass off in the dark, eating tuna, peanut butter, and pop tarts, and doing lots and lots of reading. I could have been playing games and stuff on my new toy, my Zire 72 has Bejeweled and a few other games on it, but J doesn't know how to read and he was bored, so I had to let the baby play with it so he wouldn't whine. I couldn't get online with it, although it has AIM and AOL on it, because to connect I"d have to use my cell phone for the bluetooth and it really runs down the power on both of them, and there was no way to recharge them so I had to try to conserve the power. The thing that really pissed me off is that the streets all around us had power, and the main streets, and everyone I know had power..and the people across the street have a generator, so they had power...and we sat here in the dark, burning candles. I didn't even own a radio, at least one that was battery operated, so I had to go out Monday to WallyWorld and buy a boom box and stock up on batteries and candles, and buy some food that didn't need to be cooked or refrigerated. We went out Sunday night in the storm, after it had calmed down some, because we had nothing good to eat in the house, even though I figured there was no way anything would be open. I thought maybe we could find a gas station or something open and grab some snacks. I was expecting to find nobody out, and things closed down, and trees knocked down, etc. When we turned the corner onto the main street we're off of, they had power, and on the main road, University Boulevard, everything was open, as if nothing was going on, and there were people everywhere. It was like, storm? what storm? So, we went to Friendly's and had dinner, and then returned back to our dark, hot house and went to sleep. I wasn't freakin too much, at this point, because I figured the power would be back on probably by morning, or at some point the next day at the latest.. HAHAHAHA. Monday, we went to WallyWorld for the supplies, and then to my mom's so I could use her for her electricity to recharge the cell phones and the Zire and stuff, and then we decided to go to Di's for a cookout. We had a good time, and ate, and hung out, until it was time to go home..and that sucked. But, J had to get home kinda early because he had to get up for school, so off we went. I was kinda pissed off that we had to leave, because I didn't want to go back to the house and sit in the dark, and I told him that the school was going to be closed, more than likely, and I ended up being right. Of course, when we were getting ready to leave from Di's, it started pouring down rain in buckets and storming like crazy...and then the car died. We had left the lantern charging in the car and it drained the battery..plus the alternator is going anyway, which didn't help. We had to wait for the rain to stop, so they could go out and jump the car. That was okay with me, cuz that meant I got to stay there a little longer, and wouldn't have to come here and be bored. I actually thought about staying at Di's. There was no reason to come home, since I couldn't work anyway, but I decided just to come home because of the dogs. Now, the car won't even start, even with a jump, so it's parked at the scool, and he's having to get rides. It needs an alternator, from what J says, and guess who is going to end up paying for that! I really, really don't want to, and it pisses me off, but I have a lot of things I need to do within the next week or so, and I need the car running so I can get to the airport on the 16th. If I don't pay to fix the car, he won't be able to get it fixed til the end of the month sometime, and I can't wait that long. He will be paying me back though, you can bet on that, by the end of the month. The good thing about this whole mess is, except for the power being out, and me not being able to work for four days, there was no damage done to the house at all. Noone I know had any major damage done, though our yards are covered in leaves and twigs, and fallen branches..and the pool is gonna need some major cleaning. We had one huge limb that fell off a tree in the yard, but it didn't hit anything. The yard was flooded and muddy, like a dang swamp, but the sun came out today and the puddles are already gone. I guess we should be happy that the worst thing that happened was that I couldn't watch TV or get online for a few days, and I got a few days off of work, where I had to rest and got lots of sleep. I don't want to do it again, and I think I may be buying a generator, but it could have been much worse. Now, we wait to see what happens if Ivan heads this way.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

You know you're getting old when...

- You start complaining that "They're building car seats too

- Your ears perk up when a laxative commercial comes on TV.

- You call the place you keep leftovers the "icebox."

- You start videotaping daytime game shows.

- You spend more time on the menu than the waitress.

- You know "where it's at", but forgot why it's there.

- You know how to spell gastroenterologist.

- You don't have any enemies because you've outlived them

- You don't date women your own age, because there aren't any.

- "Happy Hour" now consists of a nap.

- Everything that works hurts, and what doesn't hurt doesn't

- You feel like the morning after, and you haven't been

- Your little black book only contains names ending in M.D.

- You look forward to a dull evening.

- Your knees buckle and your belt won't.

- Your back goes out more than you do.

- You sink your teeth into a steak, and they stay there.

- Someone just told you that Old MacDonald sold his farm
in 1942.