Tuesday, September 28, 2004

After the Storm.

Hurricane Jeanne came and went, and though our lights held out way longer than I expected them to, they went out finally on Sunday afternoon about 5:00, and are still out now. This time, I have the added bonus of my phone being out since early Sunday morning also. The phone company says there are widespread outages with this storm, and on top of the outages, a big tree branch fell on my lines and knocked the line down. Thank Gawd for cell phones! Again, of course, Diane, my mom, and even Brenda out in BFE, all have lights back on already. They lost them for at most a couple of hours, and I'm without still at my house. We went to Di's on Sunday for a few hours, but couldn't stay there too late because we had to be home to let the dogs in and out, and J didn't want to sleep there because he said he wouldnt be able to sleep. He's been on my nerves really, really bad, and we've been bickering and arguing about every stupid little thing in the world for the past few days. I came really, really, REAAALLY close to throwing his ass out early Monday morning, cuz he really pissed me off ..he is such an ass sometimes..but I didn't boot him, and instead I just decided to ignore him when he started being a dick. Mostly because I need his help with taking care of the dogs and stuff until the power comes back on. If it weren't for that, he'd probably be sleeping in his car, that's how sick of listening to his mouth I was. He's been trying to help and do what he can, and he's been running back and forth letting the dogs in and out, picking up stuff we need. Of course, the offer of the free place to work in Maclenny didn't pan out, because they didn't have power either this time, and Brenda's lights came back on shortly after they went out, so she didn't need to vacate to Atlanta to a hotel room this time, so that free room didn't happen either. I have to work though, so I found a hotel room at the nearest, cheapest hotel to my house that offers high speed internet access, and that's where we're parked from last night, until whatever time the lights and my phone are back on. They are predicting it may take as long as Saturday to get everyone back on, but I sincerely hope ours are back on way before Saturday. I really can't afford to stay here until then. Although, as long as I stay through Thursday, the end of the pay period, I can always go home and take the first day or two of the new pay period off if they're not back on yet. I'll just have to wait and see, I guess. The thing that really sucks is that if we had gotten the house closing done before all this crap started, I could have lights, because I could go finance one of those whole-house generator deals that cost 3000.00, that switch over automatically to generator power if your lights go out, and I'd have no problems. It's a lot of money, but it's an investment that would probably pay off if I go to sell the house. I can't do anything though, because I'm not supposed to do anything that would require a credit inquiry to be put on my credit report until after we close. We haven't done the closing because of the damn storms, and its really holding me up on a lot of things I need to do. Now, my yard is full of branches and twigs, and my grass is pretty high again.. not to mention the swamp out there. I need to get that all picked up before they come to do the appraisal, and J isn't doing it. He says its too much for him to do alone. Anyway, I guess I'll get back to work now, and attempt to get some money made while he's gone and it's quiet. I miss my house, I miss my bed, I miss my puppies.. and I'm soooooooooooo sick of this bullshit. I should have stayed in Mass.

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