Thursday, September 23, 2004

Home Again

I'm baaack! Boy, I needed that! As predicted, by the time I got to Mass, I was over the whole guilty thing and ready to enjoy my vacation. I never did get to the Big E, which was kinda disappointing, but there just wasn't time. Plus, I got this gimongous blister on my heel from my new shoes, so there was no way I would be able to walk all over the fair. I don't walk well when I don't have a huge blister, it sure isn't a lot of fun with one. I visited with everyone, and got to hang out with the girls, so that was all I really wanted to do anyway. Lisa's friend was in the hospital, so we went to the hospital a couple nights to sit with her for a while, and the friend's son's wedding was on Saturday, so I went with Lisa to the rehearsal dinner and to the wedding. We went to Longhorn's for the rehearsal dinner and it kinda sucked. We still had fun, but the food was a complete disappointment. We only got to go to that, even though we weren't family or actually part of the wedding, because two of the girls, Steph and Holly, were in the wedding. Walter, the father of the groom, who is Lisa's friend's husband, was such a jerk. We were laughing our asses off at him all night. It only cost 350.00 to feed 28 people, including a few people who ordered alcohol and the 5.00 piece of cheesecake that the bride ordered, and he was flippin' out about the cost. He only paid half to start with. It was pretty hilarious. The wedding itself was nice, and the reception was really nice too. The bride's parents were really, really nice people. The groom's family was a complete mockery. LOL. We were worried that MJ, mother of the groom/Lisa's friend, wouldnt get out of the hospital and be able to go, but they released her and she was able to go in a wheelchair. It turns out that I know her mom, because I used to work with her in Kmart a thousand years ago. I think I worked there from like 1985 to 1986 or 87. She was a nice lady. Small world. The reception was held at the Castle of the Knights hall in Chicopee, and they served a ton of cheese and crackers, fruit, and veggies as appetizers, and then the meal was a buffet of steak, prime rib, shrimp, chicken, salad, and a bunch of other stuff. It was soooo good. I had to go to K-mart and buy new shoes before the wedding, because the ones I brought with me gave me the blister and I couldn't wear them. That's the one thing I forget about living in West Side, it's not like living here. There's not a Wally World or K-mart every 500 feet, you have to drive all the way to Westfield and stuff. It's pretty much a trek to get to the store. They don't have super Wally World either. They do have, however, Dunkin Donuts everywhere. There's a Dunkies right around the corner from Lisa's house, so Coolattas and Boston Creme donuts are way too close for comfort. Other than the wedding and running to the hospital, we pretty much just hung out. I went to Britty's soccer game on Sunday. Her team lost, but she did really well. Unfortunately, Lisa had to work while I was there, filling in for MJ while she was in the hospital, but we still managed to find time to visit and have fun...and eat A LOT. I went next door Friday during the day to visit with Lisa's mom til she got home. Her mom has diabetes and is pretty much housebound now. She's only in her 50's, but she can't walk well and needs a wheelchair. It was good to get to visit with her and Lisa's sister, Kim, too. I never did get to see either of my brothers while I was there, but I did call them. We just couldn't work it out. That was okay though, because I just saw them all a few months ago, and I was really there to visit with Lisa. They are talking about coming down for Thanksgiving, so I'll see them then. I may not see Lisa and the gang for another three years. I'm supposed to go back up in June for Ryan's graduation..she's all excited about that..but who knows if I'll make it or not. I'd like to go, because she'll be the first of their family to actually graduate. I'm gonna have to see what I can do, I guess. If I do go, and J is still here, I'll probably have a bitch of a time trying to get to go alone again. All he did the whole time I was gone was call me and aggravate me. I talked to him on Monday, and he pissed me off with his stupidness so bad I had to hang up on him three times in a half hour conversation. The whining! the bitching! the absolute stupidity! I didnt answer the phone after a while, because I didn't want to deal with him. OMG! I did really, really miss my puppies though. I wish I coulda brought them with me. Every time I go up there, they tell me to stay, and move back up there, and I actually think about it. I love being with them and spending time up there. There is always something to do, somewhere to go, people to talk to, some event going on. They have parties and different events, and they go camping and actually do stuff, and I could be part of it all. I could have a life again. I could stay and enjoy the fall foliage and the smell and feel of fall in New England. I've always loved that. I'm always so sad to have to go. It breaks my heart to get on the plane. Then.. I remember that it will be cold up there really soon, and I hate the snow. Then.. I get off the plane and see the familiar places and things I'm used to now.. it's warm here.. my family is here.. we have Super Wally World. Then.. I get to my peaceful, quiet house...with my stuff, my comfy bed, and my puppies and kitties that drown me in doggy love and are so deliriously happy that I'm here...and I'm glad to be home.

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