Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Phuque You Frances!

I'm baaaaaaaack. After four days without power, thanks to that fuckhead Frances, I am finally back. I have power. I have AC! I have T-E-L-E-V-I-S-I-O-N and a stove and frig that work.. YIPPEE. I still smell like a sweaty sock.. but I can take a shower now...and do my laundry. Even though there was pretty good breezes blowing outside from the storms, and we opened the windows and doors, it was still humid inside. Then when it wasn't raining and the sun came out, it was hotter than the devil's ass in here, and there was nothing to do but sit and swelter. My power went out Sunday afternoon, and for the past four days I've been sitting here, sweating my ass off in the dark, eating tuna, peanut butter, and pop tarts, and doing lots and lots of reading. I could have been playing games and stuff on my new toy, my Zire 72 has Bejeweled and a few other games on it, but J doesn't know how to read and he was bored, so I had to let the baby play with it so he wouldn't whine. I couldn't get online with it, although it has AIM and AOL on it, because to connect I"d have to use my cell phone for the bluetooth and it really runs down the power on both of them, and there was no way to recharge them so I had to try to conserve the power. The thing that really pissed me off is that the streets all around us had power, and the main streets, and everyone I know had power..and the people across the street have a generator, so they had power...and we sat here in the dark, burning candles. I didn't even own a radio, at least one that was battery operated, so I had to go out Monday to WallyWorld and buy a boom box and stock up on batteries and candles, and buy some food that didn't need to be cooked or refrigerated. We went out Sunday night in the storm, after it had calmed down some, because we had nothing good to eat in the house, even though I figured there was no way anything would be open. I thought maybe we could find a gas station or something open and grab some snacks. I was expecting to find nobody out, and things closed down, and trees knocked down, etc. When we turned the corner onto the main street we're off of, they had power, and on the main road, University Boulevard, everything was open, as if nothing was going on, and there were people everywhere. It was like, storm? what storm? So, we went to Friendly's and had dinner, and then returned back to our dark, hot house and went to sleep. I wasn't freakin too much, at this point, because I figured the power would be back on probably by morning, or at some point the next day at the latest.. HAHAHAHA. Monday, we went to WallyWorld for the supplies, and then to my mom's so I could use her for her electricity to recharge the cell phones and the Zire and stuff, and then we decided to go to Di's for a cookout. We had a good time, and ate, and hung out, until it was time to go home..and that sucked. But, J had to get home kinda early because he had to get up for school, so off we went. I was kinda pissed off that we had to leave, because I didn't want to go back to the house and sit in the dark, and I told him that the school was going to be closed, more than likely, and I ended up being right. Of course, when we were getting ready to leave from Di's, it started pouring down rain in buckets and storming like crazy...and then the car died. We had left the lantern charging in the car and it drained the the alternator is going anyway, which didn't help. We had to wait for the rain to stop, so they could go out and jump the car. That was okay with me, cuz that meant I got to stay there a little longer, and wouldn't have to come here and be bored. I actually thought about staying at Di's. There was no reason to come home, since I couldn't work anyway, but I decided just to come home because of the dogs. Now, the car won't even start, even with a jump, so it's parked at the scool, and he's having to get rides. It needs an alternator, from what J says, and guess who is going to end up paying for that! I really, really don't want to, and it pisses me off, but I have a lot of things I need to do within the next week or so, and I need the car running so I can get to the airport on the 16th. If I don't pay to fix the car, he won't be able to get it fixed til the end of the month sometime, and I can't wait that long. He will be paying me back though, you can bet on that, by the end of the month. The good thing about this whole mess is, except for the power being out, and me not being able to work for four days, there was no damage done to the house at all. Noone I know had any major damage done, though our yards are covered in leaves and twigs, and fallen branches..and the pool is gonna need some major cleaning. We had one huge limb that fell off a tree in the yard, but it didn't hit anything. The yard was flooded and muddy, like a dang swamp, but the sun came out today and the puddles are already gone. I guess we should be happy that the worst thing that happened was that I couldn't watch TV or get online for a few days, and I got a few days off of work, where I had to rest and got lots of sleep. I don't want to do it again, and I think I may be buying a generator, but it could have been much worse. Now, we wait to see what happens if Ivan heads this way.

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