Sunday, September 26, 2004


Before I left for vacation, they were talking about this stupid hurricane Jeanne, and I thoiught it would have come and gone long before I got back. No such luck. Now it's on its way here to wreak havoc on us once again, and I'm so over this hurricane bullshit. Usually, we get hurricane warnings every year, they swear these huge, major hurricanes are coming right towards us, everyone panics, and they go right by.. not this year. We're getting them all, though not half as bad as those further down south are getting hit. I guess I should be happy that by the time they get here, they tend to be downgraded to tropical storms or level 1 storms. Unfortunately, this area of town seems to lose power if someone sneezes, and it's really pissing me off. I can't work when there's no power, and after losing all those days last pay period from that asshole Frances, then being on vacation for the first half of this one, I can't afford to lose any more days. We lost power today for a few hours, and it wasn't even storming. It was raining a bit outside, and the wind was blowing very, very mildly, and all of a sudden we heard the loud pop as the power blew. I had gone grocery shopping and picked up a few things, and came home and cooked up a bunch of spaghetti, a bunch of chicken, and some sausage slop..stuff that we can eat cold for a few days if we have to..and just as I finished cooking, and finished the dishes, as I was getting ready to head back to work, the lights went out. I thought for sure we would be without power from this point on, so we went to my sister's and I called hotels trying to find one that had a vacancy for tonight and tomorrow night, but they only had openings for tonight. They are all booked for tomorrow and Monday. PFFFFFFFFFT. It makes no sense for one night. By the time I got packed up, got there, got set up, and sat down to work, it wouldnt have been worth having to turn around for checkout time at noon tomorrow to go back home. I don't want to go too far from home, because I need to be close enough to be able to come home and let the puppies out and stuff. So, I'm going to work as much as I can for the rest of tonight, until my power goes out (and it pretty much is guaranteed to go out) and then I guess I'll lose another day of work. Monday I should be okay, because my friend Brenda has some friends in Maclenny who said that if they have power on Monday, and we don't, we can go out there and stay out there until the power goes back on here, so we can use their internet connection and be able to work. That's assuming they have power still themselves. If they don't, and we really need to, the company she works for offered to pay for a hotel room for her until the power goes back on, so she can work. Although, we may have to drive up to Atlanta for that. For some reason, the offer was for a hotel in Atlanta. That's okay though, as long as I can work I'll do what I need to do. Right now, I guess I'll head back to work and get done whatever I can while I still have power to work with.

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