Saturday, October 02, 2004

Home Again.. Again

Good Lord it's good to be back home again... That's a song ain't it? or something close to that. After Jeanne knocked my lights out, I packed up and headed for the hotel with the internet access, so that I would be able to work and all that. We spent two nights in the crappy EconoLodge and then moved the last night to the Best Western, which was sooo much better. Room service and everything! Our lights came back on Wednesday, but we had already paid for the room for the night, so we just decided to stay there. Next time this happens, now I know the deal and will just make a reservation, if I have the cash to do it, before the storm gets here and avoid the bullshit. The crappy Econolodge doesn't allow pets, but the Best Western does, so I can bring the babies with me and go there. I'm praying we're done for a long while with these phuqued up hurricanes.. so far, it's looking clear for the foreseeable future. If we could ever get the house crap done, I could just go to Home Depot and get the big generator hook-up. but nooooooooo. I got the loan papers in the mail yesterday, so we're making progress. If it weren't for the storms, we probably would have been through with it by now. Actually, I almost should have saved my money and stayed home, and just took the days off from work. I didn't work as much as I had planned to, so I probably barely earned much more than the 70.00 it cost me a day to stay in the hotels. That's okay though, cuz at least I did make a little bit above it, and I got to stay where we air and lights, and real cable TV. After being at Lisa's and then in the hotels, where they have all the channels, including HBO and stuff, it kinda sucks to be back home with my crappy cable. I almost called up the cable company and told them to come hook me up with the boxes and stuff again, but I talked myself out of it. I am sticking to my guns about not getting the good cable until J starts g'ing up the funds every month. I refuse. I'm punishing myself as much as him, but I really can handle riding it out for a while longer. Then again, I could always just have them come hook it up in my room, and leave him with the crappy cable, but that would just be wrong. He's got a big job ahead of him cleaning up all the debris from the yard tomorrow, but he claims he's gonna get it done. We'll see.

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