Thursday, October 14, 2004


A friend of mine wants to go to a movie next week, or whenever the 22nd is.. but I said Oh HELL Nooooo. There is one movie you definitely won't be seeing me at ever. Ever. EVER!

Every time I see the previews for this movie I have the willies for 20 minutes. I love me some Buffy..errr..Sarah Michelle Geller.. and I like a good scary flick once in a blue moon, especially around Halloween, cuz..well..that's what Halloween's for, right? That and candy, of course, but even the candy is more fun with a little scary thrill. But the previews of this movie squick me out so much, I definitely won't be seeing it. Not in the theater especially on the big screen, with the freakiness all up there huge and loud. Not even on DVD in the safety and comfort of my room, where I can fast forward over the really scary bits.. Noooo, not this girl. The sight of that freaky looking litlle boy-creature with the glassy eyes and the mouth open :::shiver:::: he just creeps me right the phuque out. Then when the hand comes up outta the water and grabs the arm..nuh uh! Not going anywhere near that one. Okay, I may be a scaredy cat..but I'm a scaredy cat who ain't havin no nightmares on the 22nd.

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