Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What now!!

Christ on a cracker!!! Why meeeeeeee. All I wanted to do today is get up bright and early and work as much as I can all day so that I can get massive amounts of work done and get ahead. So..I'm sitting here at my computer, fingers flying, working like a little a mad woman, when all of a sudden I notice that the TV has the blue TIVO screen that says it can't find the signal or whatever..I flip the channels and still no cable. then I notice my internet is out too.. so I pick up the phone to call the cable company.. no freakin phone either! WTF! I called the cable company on the cell phone, and they said they'd send someone out on a service call. Sometime between 2 and 5..arrrrrgghh. As it turned out, they got here before 1:00, and I now have internet and cable and phone again...Thank Gawd. Apparently, a truck or something came down the street and took down my line. How? That had to be one hell of a high-ass truck to be able to take down the cable line, so I think they're full of shit, and it just fell. Maybe a squirrel chewed it or something. I dunno...but now I'm way behind where I had planned to be by this time. Okay, I'm done venting and I will now return to my slaving.

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