Monday, October 04, 2004

Where's the Zzzzzz's

This is not good. I have been up pretty much all night, with the exception of a few 20 or 30 minute catnaps I took when I fell asleep in my chair. I was up working all night and watching movies. Now, I need to go to sleep, because if I don't I'm gonna be all screwed up and backwards for the next day or two. Problem is, I'm not really tired, and I'm not sure if I lie down I'll be able to fall asleep. It's after 11:00 a.m. already. On the upside, I called the doc and requested my prescription for my ear, I got my dishes done, and my kitchen is almost clean. I'll finish it later. I did manage to get a shitload of work done last night. I'm still wide awake enough that I'm thinking of going in there to clean my bathroom, cuz it's the most unbelievably disgusting thing I've seen in a long time. It's even worse than it was now, because J took a bath and shaved this morning and didn't wash out the tub or the sink. He was cleaning the yard all day yesterday, so it's pretty freakin' gross. I'm really, really not happy about it, but I can't really complain since he really busted his ass yesterday and got all the storm debris picked up and out to the curb, and mowed the yard, and he even cleaned all the leaves and branches out of the pool for me. I actually thought about givin' him a little reward *wink wink*, but then I thought "screw that", and instead I fixed him dinner. Voluntarily. Real food, not even in the microwave. Tonight I want a big fat steak or something really good like that, but unfortunately I don't own any. I may have to go to the store to pick up my prescription. if they call one in for me, so I just may have to run over to the grocery store and pick up some steaks and some taters, so I can make a fat pan of mashed taters. mmmmmmm. Dang, I wish J didn't have to go back to school today, cuz I'd totally be making him take me to the store right now. He was out of school/work all of last week because his school got flooding from the hurricane, and he went back today. Figures, now that he's gone I need him. Dang it! I guess I'm gonna go lie down and attempt to sleep, although I'm waiting for the doc's office to call me back. I know the minute I drift off, the phone will ring, but I have to attempt it anyway or I'll be screwed.

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