Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy Election Day!

Ok! So, today's the big day. Did everyone go vote today? Did you do your civic doodie and vote for lame or lamer? I didn't, though I wish I could have. Next time I'm totally gonna vote, but this time all I could do was sit back and hope the rest of you make the right decision. Just think! by this time tomorrow we will either have a brand spankin' new President of the U.S.. or Georgie will have himself a second chance. So, who do you think won?! I couldnt begin to guess. I have a feeling it will be pretty close either way. I'm just glad that I'll finally be able to look at my TV again without hearing the words "I approve of this message" and no more political crap..no more my candidate can beat up your candidate.. and your candidate is a big ol' poopie head stuff. Yeah! Ya know what, it's over and if I had been able to vote, I still don't have a clue in my mind who I woulda voted for. That's sad..but true.I don't know who J voted for, I didn't ask, but if I had to guess I'd say probably Kerry. No telling, really. Doesn't matter though, cuz it's all over but the recount now, bay-bee!

I know I've still been really, really, really lax in the posting thing, but i've just been incredibly busy. I did attempt to post a few times, but the last two..TWO .. posts I attempted got eaten by the Blogger post munching monster. Well, to be fair, Blogger ate one, and the other one my computer decided to freezejust after I hit the publish button.. it was gooooooone. It was a pretty long, chatty, got a lot of catchin up to do type post too. Maybe I'll try to recreate it sometime soon. Not today though, I'm kinda low on the energy here lately. I'm not quite used to the time change yet. This dark an hour earlier every night thing is messin' with me. For a couple days, I was beginning to freak out, thinkin' I should run to the store and buy a stick to pee on, cuz I've been so freakin' tired, all I want to do is sleep, and then my boobs got really tender.. and I felt this kinda bloaty, full feeling in my belly, around where I think my uterus should be...but, as it turns out there was an entirely different reason for the bloaty, crampiness, and boob tenderness..better really late than never, I guess...and the tiredness is probably due to the fact that I never sleep more than four hours in a row. Thank Gawd! Okay, so now I'm caught up a little bit, and I'm off to sit and wait anxiously for the results of today's festivities.

Oh yeah! I forget the folks on t'other side of the country still have a little time left to get their votes in. So, I guess it's not over yet for all of us. Go you non-votee people and vote! do it! DO IT NOW!

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