Saturday, November 06, 2004


Well, here it is, another Saturday night, and I'm where I always am. Right here in front of this computer, working. Yahoo! I seriously need a life. I'm very bored with my life lately, and there's not a thing I can do about it. I have some stuff planned, and hopefully, within a short time, I will be able to change my situation and actually get something that resembles a real life. Where I can go out and do stuff, and have fun. The Jax fair is going on this week, and I really, really wanted to go, but I can't. I got no money. I got no time. This totally sucks! Damn POS hurricanes really screwed me financially, and it's going to take me a while to dig out. Oh well PHUQUE IT! Can't change it, guess I'll just have to learn to deal with it. I did actually do something yesterday. J took me out to dinner..he actually PAID..with his OWN money. We went to Barnhill's. It's your typical self-serve, salad bar type place, like Golden Corral and stuff, no big deal, really. J calls em trough restaurants. He says they're all named things like Barnhill's and Golden Corral, because all the cows go there to gorge at the troughs. He really doesn't like going there, but it's close and it's cheap. It may not be the Outback, but I didn't have to cook, and I didn't have to pay, so I was all excited. It doesn't take much. It was pretty funny,cuz the poor waiter guy didn't know what to do. He was new, and he forgot our silverware, and we had to remind him to get our drinks. J was making fun of him until I told him to stop being mean and give the poor guy a break..but it was funny..and then when he brought our drinks, he stopped for a minute, looked at us, then gave J my Diet Coke and me his sweet tea. Now, it could have been right, it's not impossible, but really, what are the chances? I don't know whether to be insulted or not. Either he was being sweet and trying not to insult me, and didn't want to insinuate that I needed to be drinking Diet Coke, and just assume it was for me. LOL. Either way, it was pretty funny. Sad, when picking on a waiter is the most fun thing you do all week. pffffffffft. One good thing, that I'm pretty happy about, is that Belle has, apparently, learned to keep her behind in the yard. Has anyone noticed I haven't mentioned in a while that she got loose.. I haven't had to chase her through the neighborhood for two hours. She hadn't gotten off the leash in a long time, but over the past two or three weeks, she's gotten loose four or five times, and she HASN'T JUMPED THE FENCE! J went out one day, she had been outside for a while, and she somehow had gotten off the leash, and she was just running around the yard with Jasmine. I thought it was maybe because she had her chain dragging behind her. Maybe she didn't realize she was actually free. But then she's gotten loose several times since then, and she runs around the yard with Jazmine and actually comes to me when I call her, and goes in the house when I tell her to. Its very strange! I'm not complaining, I just don't know what got into her. I wish I could count on her not jumping ever again, so I could let her just run with Jazmine, but I know if another dog came trotting down the street, or something she wanted to chase, she'd be over the fence in half a second. At least I don't have to freak if she happens to get loose now, cuz there's a good possibility she will just stay in the yard. Now, if I could just teach her not to dig everything out of the trash and scatter it all over the kitchen.

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