Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Sorry Your Birthday Sucks...

Well, today is J's 40th birthday, and I got nuthin' for him. Of course, I knew I wasn't gonna have anything for him, but I still feel bad that I didn't even get him a card. Happy birthday is nice, but it's kinda lame that it's all ya get from your girlfriend on your 40th. I did send him an Ecard, so I guess that's something, and I will take him out one night with my Olive Garden cards, and on Christmas, when we go to Di's, she will give him something and they may give him cards and stuff, but that's gonna be three days from now, and he has "issues" about his birthday being combined with Christmas. He'll have to get over that this year. I can't believe its 3 days til Christmas. I have absolutely no Christmas spirit this year. I haven't watched any specials except I watched "A Christmas Carol" once, and I managed to catch "Charlie Brown's Christmas", other than that, nuthin. Not even "Year Without A Santa Clause" No Heat Meiser.. No Snow Meiser.. No Mr. 101. I don't care either, cuz Christmas sucks when you can't buy presents. Plus, it kinda sucks this year too, because we usually do Christmas Eve at my sis's, but this year we're not doing anything Christmas Eve. We're going there on Christmas Day instead, because my brother, Rick, is coming up on Christmas Day. I'll be really glad to see him, it willl be nice to have them here, but now I got nuthing to do on Christmas Eve except sit here. I'll be working. pffffffffft

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