Sunday, December 26, 2004

What's UP With That!

Now I've heard everything! I'm watching Jerry Springer this morning, and there is a guy whose confessing that when he gets horny, or maybe has a fight with his girlfriend, instead of picking up hookers, he goes out and has sex with HOMELESS WOMEN. Yeah, this is his fetish! He says his first experience was with a homeless woman who lived in a large appliance box, and its what gets him off. He went on to say that he likes the smell of stale alcohol and cheap liquor, and the faint smell of urine. Woohoo!! yeah, baby..that's HOT! He then proceeded to go out on the Springer Cam and score himself a woman in a box for $20.00 and a turkey sandwich. We never get to see the chick, but he offers her the $20 and when she accepts, he takes off his clothes and slides on into her box..errr.. in more ways than one. Of course, his girlfriend got to watch this and she went off and told him he was a dirty bastard and other choice things, that was pretty funny. When I hear about things like this, it makes me wonder what the hell is up with some people. Now, you know that if he's doing this, if this is his fetish, then someone, maybe hundreds or thousands of someones, are into the same thing. There is one thing you can be sure of, if you have a thought, a feeling, a desire, a need..there are probably a thousand people having that exact thought or desire. Now thats just wrong! Bum sex, plushies, food, latex, S&M, bondage..doesn't anyone just screw anymore???

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