Monday, November 14, 2005

Just Me Again!

It's Monday..again.. blech! only a week and a half left before Thanksgiving. Everyone got your turkeys and turkey day stuff bought? Before you know it, we'll be watching the Macy's parade and stuffing ourselves silly..wooohooo. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was actually a good one. Even though my computer decided to bite the big one and I had to install Windows XP..well the bf did it actually, cuz he's good like that.. but I went out Friday night, since I couldn't work, with my sister to drink some beers and sing a little kareoke. We only got to do 2 songs, but we had a good time. I only do kareoke at this little neighborhood dive bar...I'm too chicken to do it anywhere else. LOL I like doing it there too cuz they all cheer and tell you how awesome you sound ..cuz they're all really drunk. LOL There are some really, really good singers that sing there though. We didn't stay out late, cuz she had to get up early to go to work..but at least I got outta the house.. out with the 3-dimensional people..and that hardly ever happens anymore. The rest of the weekend I cleaned my nasty pigsty of a house .. and eventually I will get everything put back where it belongs that I pulled apart while cleaning. They just finished reinstalling my work software so I guess It's back to work now, so I can try ot make up for the 3 days I lost with the computer redo.. big fun!!! yippeeeeee

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Day After Halloween

Well Halloween is over and I got exactly.. drumroll please.....ZERO trick or treaters. I had a big bucket full of 3 musketeers, tootsie pops, and Reeses cups and nobody knocked.. so, I'm sad to say.. I will be forced to eat it all myself. That is just terrible!!! hehehehe.. but I did see a few kids dressed in their costumes walking down the street. I guess they didn't stop here because they're afraid of the dogs or sunthin.. oh well, maybe next year. That means today is one of the bestest and least celebrated holidays of the whole year.. HALF-PRICE HALLOWEEN CANDY DAY.. followed closely in popularity by its Half-Price Christmas Candy Day and Half-Price Easter Candy Day.. hey, I don't make this stuff up! In honor of HPHCD we went to Wally World.. okay, no we didn't actually go all the way to Wally World for the candy..we had to go get a belt for the vacuum cleaner.. but since we were there we took advantage of the wonder that is HPHCD. I could have been really bad and loaded up on bags of mini candy bars and candy corn and all the other stuff they had in the basket, but I was good.. because if I indulged my deep, unwavering love for all things chocolate I would then eat all that i bought.. and that would be bad for the already gargantuan size of my behind. Though.. I have to admit.. I would be a happy, happy girl for a while. All I bought was a bag of miniature Milky Ways and a big bag of miniature boxes of candy sticks. Candy sticks, if you're wondering, are what used to be known in the olden days of my faroff youth as candy cigarettes. I suppose the PC police have gotten to the candy makers though, and not wanting to encourage the little tykes to smoke, they removed the painted on pink color at the end that was meant to look like the cigarette was lit, and now it's just a simple plain, white stick of candy..2 to a little tiny box.. But the BEST part of the candy sticks is they have different Spider Man, The Hulk, and X-Men pictures on them. Soooo coool. Had to have em!! We didn't buy anything else very exciting.. except I did buy the Bewitched DVD .. I haven't seen the movie yet. I Loooove Bewitched and I couldn't wait for it come out. I will probably watch that later on tonight, though I've heard its different than the show.. No Larry Tate?? what's up with that?? But knowing that before I watch it is good, so I won't be disappointed and won't expect it to be like the TV show other than a chick named Samantha gets hooked up with a mortal dude.. that's my expectation. I hope I'll like it. The cool thing is, it came with a DVD with 3 episodes of the TV show on it.. gotta love a gift with purchase.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Yikes.. Someone Ate My Comments

My comments are gone!!! Yeah, I know, I read that they were going to discontinue the service and I forgot all about it.. so now there's no comments thingy in place..and I lost all my previous comments. Dammit. Not that I have been posting much worth commenting on anyway, but I guess I'll have to go find a new comment service.. or try to.. as soon as I get a chance. Oh well, until then, if you have anything you want to say to me, email me at :O)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Taco Frisbees and Stuff

I can't believe I ate the whooooole thing. OMG I'm stuffed. We just went to Taco Bell and I got this thing.. I have no idea what it's called.. but it's kinda flat with a soft tortilla on the outside and a crunchy taco on the inside..filled with all the taco stuff ..and then its folded over so its closed up and then grilled. Looks like a taco Frisbee .. yuuuuumm man was it good. Or maybe I was just really really hungry.. but now I'm stuffed to the gills. I don't know what it is, J ordered it for me and said to try it. Trusting soul that I am, I agreed.. and it actually turned out to be quite enjoyable.. unlike so many things J suggests I try. Now I have to wonder how J..who never has any cash and is always needing to borrow 5 or 10 bucks from me, and never brings me home any Taco Bell.. or anything else for that matter...knows that this new taco Frisbee is really yummy. It seems to me to mean that he's sneaking out to the Taco Bell and Lord knows where else and eating all kinds of stuff during the day. and not telling me or bringing me anything. Scumbag! lol Although, I guess I can't complain, cuz there's been quite a few times I've gone out to eat at real Olive Garden and Golden Corral and China Buffet and never told him or brought him anything. But, really, that's not the point.

I've been waiting for the rain for most of the day today, and It just started raining here.. like 2 seconds ago. The sky opened up and whoooosh.. thunder, .lightning, hard, driving rain.. good thing I have no life and no plans for tonight. But now my satellite just went out too..grrrrr. The only reason I went back to the satellite dish. Even though I swore I never would because I hate that they go out every time the wind blows.. besides the fact that its cheaper than cable.. is the satellite ordering dude reassured me that they don't go out anymore every time the wind blows. I must admit that they go out a lot less often than they used to, but still they do go out every time it rains more than a drizzle. The only improvement is that so far they haven't stayed out for more than 5 or 10 minutes, and we haven't had to climb up to the roof to readjust the thing by hand YET.. But when you're in the middle of Friends and your TV goes blank, the fact that it will eventually come back on is really not the point!

Now I have a contract with the Dish people for 2 years, so if I get sick of it and decide to go back to cable it'll cost me... as most things do. Sorta like the almost $700 I owe T-mobile because of cancelling the contract with them early, that will now probably end up on my credit report. Can you believe that shit??!! $700!! I had 2 phones on a 2 year contract and had to cancel my service, and for that they want $700.. they can kiss my shiny white hiney. I even called them and told them I wanted to resume my service could I get a break on the $700, since it was mostly contract fees.. but noooo.. that's not happenin' Not only can I not get a break, if I do pay off the $700 and then want to resume my service, they would require me to pay a deposit...they're funny funny people there at T-mobile. The fact that I didn't pay the bill on time.. which was really not my fault...and I did sign a contract saying that I agreed to this cancellation fee if I cancelled early.. and I did in fact cancel early.. is again.. really not the point!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Hello my little luv muffins! How is everyone's Sunday going so far? Mine is going pretty good so far.. Its only noon and I've already managed to work a little bit, go grocery shopping, and out to breakfast. I'm on a roll today!! We went to Huddle House for breakfast and I had a really, really yummy western omelet.. mmmmmm.... we didn't go to Wally World, like we had planned, cuz we didnt feel like dealing with Sunday morning crowds.. so we ended up at Winn Dixie where I somehow managed to spend over $200.. of course 20+ of that was his cigarettes and another 20+ of it was dog and cat food, but still ...that wasn't cheap. Guess that's what happens when ya let your fridge get empty before ya go shopping LOL This eating crap is pretty darn expensive these days. Gas is up to 2.55 a dang gallon too. sheesh.. time to buy a bike...

Okay, so I know it's been a few months since I've posted anything at all .. and anyone who might care probably thought I died .. or at least completely gave up the blog, but nope. I'm still alive and kicking, and still posting. So, maybe I'm only averaging one post every 3 months, but whatta ya want. I'm a busy, busy girl these days. I'm back to working 3 jobs as of last week. I like them pretty much...too early to tell if they have long-term possibilities, but it's all good for now.

I'm STILL trying to get my house bought.. Yeah, Its been a year and a half since I moved in.. but I finally had an actual appraisal done last Wednesday, so I think we're actually in the home stretch now. I might actually FINALLY get it done. Don't hold your breath though. There's always the chance something will go wrong. The biggest worry is that they will start putting leins on the property before I get it bought because the guy I'm buying it from has a full blown coke habit and lost his job.. is about to have his truck repo'd.. yeah, he's not doing well.. and before they start going after him and I get screwed, I gotta get it all done. So, pray for me!! I have big ideas and plans for upgrading and renovating once the deal is done, but am holding off on anything til its final. I want to add a room, enlarge the kitchen, add a 1/2 to 3/4 bath, move the washer and dryer inside where they belong, paint,.. that kinda stuff.. I want to make a little patio/courtyard area in the front of the house too..and J says he'll put in a pond for me... but It's all gonna take time.

As you can see, j is still here, but his days are numbered. We're not much more than roomies anymore anyway, but he's been working steady the past few months and paying me rent WOOHOOOO.. . but really, we get on each other's nerves more than anything, and I'm sick of the crap. Besides, there's someone. maybe a couple someone's even.. that I'm kinda wanting to get closer to. There's things brewing that I can't really get into at the moment, lets just put it that way. I'm going away in November ..  up to Mass for a week to visit Lisa.. I'm really excited about that and I'll have more news to report regarding him and the things that are brewing after that week... I know, ya can't wait can ya!! So.. anyway.. that's about all the news for the moment, and maybe I'll actually post again before the next 3 months is up. ..maybe...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Quote for Today

Quote for today:
"American women, I believe, actually feel the same as Hispanic women about weight..a desire for the comfort of fullness.. and when that desire is suppressed for style, and deprivation allowed to rule.,dieting, exercising American women become afraid of everything associated with being curvaceous, such as wantoness , lustfullnes, sex, food, motherhood... all that is best in life"
from Spanglish

Oh yeah.. BTW.. just in case anyone was wondering..or cared.. I have not fallen off the face of the earth or completely abandoned my beloved blog. I have just been really, really busy and too preoccupied with the crap of life to form coherent thoughts. LOL I will return.. I think..really really soon and try to post something semi-intelligent and interesting to someone other than me. I said try..I promise nothing.

Just somethings going on:
1. J left me last month (yeah!!!) but then he came back (dammit!!) so he's still here but I still hold out hope that one day this may not be so.
2. I am in the process of FINALLY getting my mortgage done and buying my house. I know its been a year since I started working on getting it done, but those phuqinng hurricanes and a few other things really nailed me to the wall.. I'm better now and hopefully it will happen really, really soon.
3. I quit job #1 and am only working one job now..its going well I guess.. and all is good there.
4. Still spending lots of time on my yahoo BBW group.
5. Planning a trip to visit my brother for a few days possibly in June with my sister and her kids. Really looking forward to that.
6. I've been kinda talking to someone I like.. its a different someone than the someone I said I was talking to before.. He turned out to be not such a good idea..very sexy, but not such a good idea.. Which is usually the case with the very sexy, as it turns out. Its just talk so far, but I'm really enjoying the I think its worth mentioning.

So thats a quick overview of the majors and I'll get to the details of everything else at some point. So, thats about it and work beckons.. so I'm off again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Am Still Alive.. Barely..

Hello everybody..sorry my posts are so few and far between lately, but there's just so much going on, but nothing newsworthy really. I don't have time to breathe, let alone post..or sleep, but I'm fixin' to quit Job #1 and then I'll just have one job. Though I'll still have no time, because they keep me so busy, I don't think I've had a full day off since I started in December. I keep meaning to take one, but there's always so much that needs to be done, and when your boss is one of your best friends, and she's begging you to help..and they're willing to pay you for your time.. it's hard to say no. J has been working YEAH! as a security guard and working lots and lots of hours. Of course, he still hasn't given me any money because he's so far behind on things that he absolutely has to pay car payments, insurance, and such.. that he got his first check and it was gone. Im supposed to get some from him out of his second check at the end of the month.. we'll see how that goes. I do plan to slow down on the work pretty soon, I have to because my house looks like hell, and I need to get a grip on my life and find some time to do something other than work. This week has been busy, busy too, just running around with errands and whatnot on top of the long hours, and today is going to be just as bad. I have to bring Belle to the vet in the morning, because she has this really weird, gaping hole in her belly. We found it tonight, and we have no idea what the hell it is, how it got there, or how long it's been there. It's just a hole, a quarter size or just a bit bigger, tear in her belly. and you can see inside it.. it's GROSS. She's not bleeding from it, and it doesn't seem to bother her, but it's freaking me out. I hope he can look at it and give me some kinda clue as to what may have caused it, cuz I couldn't begin to imagine. I washed it out, put gauze around it and wrapped an Ace bandage around her to keep her from licking it, and we'll see what he says tomorrow. So, other than that, there's not much going on. I have been spending some time with this chat group I started on Yahoo Groups.and we have a great bunch of people so far, so I'm running that too, which takes a bit of time, further taking my time away from posting. That's about it for now I guess, and hopefully when things calm down and I quit Job#1 and find half a second, I'll go back to posting more regularly. Until then, I'll just post when I can..and try not to go months between posts.

Okay, later!! I'll post again when I can...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Dirty work:: Garbage man
  2. Shopkeeper:: cashier
  3. Goodness:: gracious
  4. Yearning:: desire
  5. Show and tell:: You show me yours, I'll show you mine.
  6. Trapped:: stuck
  7. Malcolm:: in the Middle
  8. Season:: in the sun
  9. Bestseller:: great book
  10. Desk:: clutter

All the News..pfffft

Wow.. I guess I've really dropped the ball on the blog front lately, haven't I. I wish I had something exciting to report as to why I haven't made a post in a while, but unfortunately it's just same ol', same ol' work and more work...too little time in my day. I'm swamped and it's not looking like it's gonna slow up anytime soon. I guess that's a good, being in demand is job security, right? I do have some good news to report, J got a J-O-B!! Yeah..yippeee.. thank GAWD. He starts some time this week. Its just a security job, while he waits on a computer job his friend is supposed to hook him up with, but, unfortunately, knowing his friend, I'll be shocked if it ever actually materializes. On the downside..and there's always a downside ain't there...for him to get this job so far has cost me about 150.00 (which I'll get back out of his first check, but still!). He had to pay for a class, and then another 70.00 to actually get his security guard license (WTF??) and then another 15.00 for a flashlight he HAD to have and he needed a certain kind of shoes...which I haven't shelled out for yet, but I'm sure I will by the end of the week. Plus, I'm gonna have to give him gas money so he can get to work and to his job/s. grrrrrrrrrr. Actually, in a round about way, it cost me 400.00, because he bounced his car payment last month and they threatened to repossess and send the check to the State's Attorney if he didn't pay car = no job.. so guess where the 250.00 for that came from!! uh huh!! I got a little pissy about all this expense, that I can't afford BTW, and kinda went off on him about it being bullshit that I gotta shell out all this money for him to get a job, but I'm trying to be positive and just look at the fact that he will be making money, he'll pay me back what I put out, and then It will be a lot better. I hope. I've decided to just put him and the BS outta my head and not let it piss me off, cuz otherwise he'll be sleeping in his car. That wouldnt be very nice of me..and kinda stupid to throw him out now that he might be actually able to pay to live here. I'm kinda hoping the other job will come through too, and he will be able to work BOTH jobs..that way he'll be gone lots and lots of hours, and just come home and hand me cash once in a while. I could be lovin' that! I've decided to focus more on the fact that it's like SPRING around here the last few days. The air smells all spring-like, there's robins in my yard, my flowers are all starting to bloom, and the pool is almost ready for swimming. I figure maybe another month and I'll be in there! Yippee!! so, there may always be a down side, but there's always a positive side too.. its all in the attitude, my friends! When life gives ya lemons, ya know..

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super bowl Tickets

Wanna go to the SuperBowl? Hurry! There's still tickets available..if you got an extra $2000 to $4000!!!! Super bowl Tickets - Purchase Tickets Online for Super bowl WOW. They're selling PARKING SPOTS for 200-300 dollars. Daaaaamn. People have rented their houses and apartments out for the week for from hundreds to $10,000+ dollars. It's FOOTBALL PEOPLE!! Just daaaaaaamn I'm so tempted to run downtown and join the fun, but I just have got to work. Plus, I got $11.00 to my name, so it's not like I'd be able to have any big fun ..can't eat or drink anything, and can't even buy souvenirs. But there's free concerts and tons of celebs down there. The Landing is packed (where Terry Bradshaw and those guys are broadcasting from) and so is Metropolitan Park (where Kelly Clarkson, Randy Jackson, and Jillian Barberi are). I'm sure it's a madhouse and you'd have to park a zillion miles from everything..probably this side of the river..and walk over the bridge to get to the Landing. No thanks.. my back would be in agony. But it sure looks like some serious fun!

SuperBowl Schmooperbowl

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! The Superbowl is here in Jacksonville, and all I've heard is Superbowl, Superbowl, Superbowl for the past few weeks. Lord will I be glad when its over. There has been fireworks every night for the past three nights, which I couldn't go to :::pout:: because I had to work, and the traffic is just OMG. There are all kinds of people everywhere, the Wal-Mart has one of those little tourist trap type kiosks at the front of the store with "Jacksonville, Florida" doodads and souvenirs on it. There are, apparently, tons of celebrities here, partying and having a blast, but I have no time..cuz I got two money..cuz I got too many bills I had to pay..and no way to get there if I did. So the Superbowl sucks. The players were out at the bars partying with people the other night, and I missed it. pffft. Not that I'd want to go out and hang with celebrities anyway, given the gigantuan size of my ass. I am back on Weight Watchers, because my attempts at trying to start and stick to a diet on my own have met with miserable failure. I lose 10 or 15 pounds, and then gain it all back ..and then some. So, I'm drinking tons of water.. TONS..and floating. I spend a large amount of time in the bathroom these days. The good thing about upping your water intake is you get a lot more exercise. You walk back and forth from the kitchen to get water, and then back and forth to the bathroom to pee, about triple the number of times you would without the extra water. The good thing about all the drinking and peeing is I do feel lighter. I don't have a scale or access to one, not that I'd get on it anyway, so I'll never know if I'm actually losing or not. Oh well, back to work I guess. ..see how much I can get done between pee breaks.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Works For ME!!

Can't eat beef....... .....mad cow
Can't eat fish....... .......mercury
Can't eat chicken...... .......bird flu
Can't eat eggs.... ....cholesterol
Can't eat pork....... ........bacteria
Can't eat fruit ...... ......insecticides
Can't eat vegetables..... ......herbicides

Now, the way I see it; that only leaves


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Johns Hopkins Magazine Interesing article

I found this article today Hunger for the Glorious Future and thought it was interesting enough to share. I'm dieting again..pfffffft. I guess it sounds promising to be able to live longer and all that by cutting down your calories..but what a sad way to live. I don't know if I'd be willing to cut out real no more Ben& Jerry's EVER!! just to live a few years longer. Without cake..what are you living for? lol

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Tuesday Was Chooseday. I'm late, but I'm bored..

Would you rather:

1. Wear your hair like liberace OR telly savalas?

Who loves ya baby! Actually, I don't think the Savalas look is for me. I'd kinda like to have some hair, even if it was funky hair.

2. Be a world famous for your black velvet paintings OR for your grilled cheese sandwiches?

I'd love to be an artist...even of black velvet paintings.

3. Smell like a water buffalo OR old cheese?

I already smell like old cheese..errr.

4. Eat monkey brain OR kitten?

ewww.. can I get some mustard on my kitten? I'm not into organ meats...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Talk about truth in advertising Posted by Hello

sick..just sick. But funny LOL Posted by Hello

There were too funny, just had to share them. LOL Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Yoda:: Star Wars
  2. Mensa:: Genious
  3. Pink:: and Blue
  4. Text message:: Cell phone
  5. Galactic:: The stars
  6. Chicks:: and dudes
  7. Quesadilla:: chicken, cheese and salsa..yuuumm
  8. Backpack:: Hiking
  9. Socket:: "Don't spin your brother like that, you'll pull his arms outta the sockets!"...ohh..flashback..sorry bout that.
  10. Compromise:: Bargain

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I filed my taxes already, and according to the IRS they should be hitting my bank on or about the 28th of January. Unfortunately, I owe a zillion dollars, and all or most of my taxes and my paychecks will be going to pay off the all the money I owe. Although I'll be happy to have everything paid off and be out from under the stress of povery, I'm very depressed too. If I didn't have to pay all the bad people my money, I could get me this new toy. Aint it purty! Sadly, I may never ever know the joy of owning this, or anything similar...but at least I'll be able to buy groceries again. I guess that's something. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Checkin In

Yes, I'm still alive.. or so they tell me. I'm dog-ass tired though. I've been working and working. I can't wait for this month to be over, til I get my taxes and can get this crap caught up and try to get back to some sort of a normal life. On the upside I am in bead heaven today, I got my Fire Mountain Gems big catalog, and its HUGE.. 926 pages of beads and wires and head pins and doodads.. Its got everything in there. I love beads, and I wish I had a ton of cash to buy whatever kind I want, so I can make all kinds of goodies. Thats not likely to happen, so in the meantime all I can do is look at the pages of the catalog and drool. I would love to learn how to make lampwork beads and stuff, and someday I am definitely gonna try. As soon as I find half a minute to have a life, and get some cash to invest in books and/or classes and equipment. Yep, I got lots of plans for "someday", in that mythical land of free time and spare cash. I've heard it really does exist, but I suspect it's located somewhere just south of NeverNever Land. On the downside, job#2 screwed up my paycheck by 340.00, and I'm still waiting on that money, plus it cost me $210.00 in bounce fees, though they say they'll pay them. J didn't get his license back yet either, because something to do with his insurance, so we're still without transportation. On top of which, he's getting on my last nerve, so if he doesn't get a job quick and get up outta my house, he's gonna be living in his car. Sometimes I just look at him and wanna smack him. It took all I had today not to tell him to just get the hell outta my face, and go find someone else to sponge off of. Then again, if he wasn't here today, I'd be totally screwed cuz my computer crashed and burned outta the blue tonight. I lost a lot of stuff!! He had an extra drive lying around, so he popped that in for me and got me up and running again. Unfortunately, I can't work tonight, so I'm losing a bunch of money I cant afford to lose, but I will at least get some sleep tonight, and I'm not gonna let it stress me. Tomorrow they'll dial in and reinstall my work stuff, and I'll be back up and running. It's the last day of the pay period, so I hope they get in there bright and early. I need to do all that I possibly can. Right now, I'm going to take advantage of my night of freedom, and hit my bed before the sun comes up.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Addicted Much?

I just watched that new show "Medium", and looks like I've got another must see to add to the list. From the looks of it, it's gonna be a good one. It's bad enough that I'm already addicted to CSI:Everything and all of the Law & Order shows. I watch all of them that I can, I totally love those shows. On top of being forever addicted to Charmed. I know, some people think its a stupid show, or a show "for 14 year olds" or something, but I totally love that show. People who say it sucks, have probably never really watched it. I'm completely psyched because the 1st season is coming out on DVD Feb 1st, and I'm gonna buy it for sure. Now, the only problem is that Medium will be on at 10 on Mondays, which means I'll have to choose between that one and CSI: Miami. I guess I'm gonna have to figure out how to do that thing with the TiVO, where you can watch one thing and record another.. I'm no good at choices.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


OMG I made a cake today, and it is so freakin' moist and yummy, I just had to post about it. LOL I have figured out the secret to making your cakes, cookies, and brownies really, really moist and stuff. No matter what the directions on the package say, add all of the wet ingredients, like eggs, oil, milk, and water and any butter type substances together first, stir them together, then add your flours and sugars...preferably flour last..or the cake mix or whatever you're using, mix that up and you'll have a super moist dessert. Really..It's true! Try it yourself, you'll see. Now, I gotta go have me another piece of cake.


Since it's a brand new year, and I've got 5 seconds to myself, I figured it's time to maybe offer up a real post. You know, it's good to do it once in a while, just to keep things interesting. I hope everyone is having a great New Year, so far, mine has been pretty much uninteresting. The first day of the year, I slept most of it, and then I did something really, really exciting. Yeah, I went to the grocery store. It so much sucks to have to go to the store and want to get stuff but not be able to get it because you have to try and save your money. Grrrrrrrr. I can't wait til I get these bills caught up, cuz this two job shit and being broke all the time is really, really tiring..and it's not fun either. What a difference a year makes. At the beginning of last year, I had bills and I wasn't doing great, but I was able to pay everything and had money to at least buy whatever I liked at the grocery store..and to buy a DVD or a CD or something if I felt like it. I was doing okay. Then in the middle of the year, I was doing great. I was making lots of cash on my bonuses and stuff, my credit was looking better and better, and I was getting ready to buy the house. Then by the end of the year, just a few months later, I'm behind on everything, struggling to stay afloat, and working my ass off so I'm so tired all the time I don't have the time or energy to post a dang blog entry. It's so frustrating and depressing. I'm really stressing on J too, cuz now he's finished with school, and still has no job. He can't get one until he gets his license back,which he can't do probably until next month, because he can't afford to pay the stuff he needs to pay. So, not only is he broke, but now he's here all day, every day, eating and drinking more than usual cuz he's here all the time, and using more electricity and stuff..basically draining me more..and I'm trying not to blow up and tell him he has to leave, because I know he's trying, and I know he has no options either. At least he has been helping around the house to try and make it better. He's been cleaning and even cooking.. it's nice to have the help, but it would be nicer to have some financial help. When guys attempt to flirt with me lately, I've started to flirt back. That's not a sign that bodes well for my relationship. When I 'm in a relationship and not looking, I pretty much have tunnel vision, and I don't tend to flirt much. It's like I don't notice when guys are flirting with me unless they're really blatant about it, or someone points it out. When I start looking and noticing..and flirting's usually cuz I'm ready to find a replacement for the man of the moment. As if I need another man. That's the LAST thing I think I need. Though I could use a lot of hot and heavy sex.. I think that would at least take some of the stress off ::weg:::

Well, I haven't bothered to make New Year's resolutions, cuz I wont stick to them, and, frankly, I'm just too tired and distracted to care to try. All I want out of this year, is to get back on my feet, and try to make my life as happy and stress free as possible... and also to work on finding time to see about that hot sex thing.