Saturday, January 15, 2005

Checkin In

Yes, I'm still alive.. or so they tell me. I'm dog-ass tired though. I've been working and working. I can't wait for this month to be over, til I get my taxes and can get this crap caught up and try to get back to some sort of a normal life. On the upside I am in bead heaven today, I got my Fire Mountain Gems big catalog, and its HUGE.. 926 pages of beads and wires and head pins and doodads.. Its got everything in there. I love beads, and I wish I had a ton of cash to buy whatever kind I want, so I can make all kinds of goodies. Thats not likely to happen, so in the meantime all I can do is look at the pages of the catalog and drool. I would love to learn how to make lampwork beads and stuff, and someday I am definitely gonna try. As soon as I find half a minute to have a life, and get some cash to invest in books and/or classes and equipment. Yep, I got lots of plans for "someday", in that mythical land of free time and spare cash. I've heard it really does exist, but I suspect it's located somewhere just south of NeverNever Land. On the downside, job#2 screwed up my paycheck by 340.00, and I'm still waiting on that money, plus it cost me $210.00 in bounce fees, though they say they'll pay them. J didn't get his license back yet either, because something to do with his insurance, so we're still without transportation. On top of which, he's getting on my last nerve, so if he doesn't get a job quick and get up outta my house, he's gonna be living in his car. Sometimes I just look at him and wanna smack him. It took all I had today not to tell him to just get the hell outta my face, and go find someone else to sponge off of. Then again, if he wasn't here today, I'd be totally screwed cuz my computer crashed and burned outta the blue tonight. I lost a lot of stuff!! He had an extra drive lying around, so he popped that in for me and got me up and running again. Unfortunately, I can't work tonight, so I'm losing a bunch of money I cant afford to lose, but I will at least get some sleep tonight, and I'm not gonna let it stress me. Tomorrow they'll dial in and reinstall my work stuff, and I'll be back up and running. It's the last day of the pay period, so I hope they get in there bright and early. I need to do all that I possibly can. Right now, I'm going to take advantage of my night of freedom, and hit my bed before the sun comes up.

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