Tuesday, February 22, 2005

All the News..pfffft

Wow.. I guess I've really dropped the ball on the blog front lately, haven't I. I wish I had something exciting to report as to why I haven't made a post in a while, but unfortunately it's just same ol', same ol' work and more work...too little time in my day. I'm swamped and it's not looking like it's gonna slow up anytime soon. I guess that's a good, being in demand is job security, right? I do have some good news to report, J got a J-O-B!! Yeah..yippeee.. thank GAWD. He starts some time this week. Its just a security job, while he waits on a computer job his friend is supposed to hook him up with, but, unfortunately, knowing his friend, I'll be shocked if it ever actually materializes. On the downside..and there's always a downside ain't there...for him to get this job so far has cost me about 150.00 (which I'll get back out of his first check, but still!). He had to pay for a class, and then another 70.00 to actually get his security guard license (WTF??) and then another 15.00 for a flashlight he HAD to have and he needed a certain kind of shoes...which I haven't shelled out for yet, but I'm sure I will by the end of the week. Plus, I'm gonna have to give him gas money so he can get to work and to his job/s. grrrrrrrrrr. Actually, in a round about way, it cost me 400.00, because he bounced his car payment last month and they threatened to repossess and send the check to the State's Attorney if he didn't pay it..no car = no job.. so guess where the 250.00 for that came from!! uh huh!! I got a little pissy about all this expense, that I can't afford BTW, and kinda went off on him about it being bullshit that I gotta shell out all this money for him to get a job, but I'm trying to be positive and just look at the fact that he will be making money, he'll pay me back what I put out, and then It will be a lot better. I hope. I've decided to just put him and the BS outta my head and not let it piss me off, cuz otherwise he'll be sleeping in his car. That wouldnt be very nice of me..and kinda stupid to throw him out now that he might be actually able to pay to live here. I'm kinda hoping the other job will come through too, and he will be able to work BOTH jobs..that way he'll be gone lots and lots of hours, and just come home and hand me cash once in a while. I could be lovin' that! I've decided to focus more on the fact that it's like SPRING around here the last few days. The air smells all spring-like, there's robins in my yard, my flowers are all starting to bloom, and the pool is almost ready for swimming. I figure maybe another month and I'll be in there! Yippee!! so, there may always be a down side, but there's always a positive side too.. its all in the attitude, my friends! When life gives ya lemons, ya know..

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