Sunday, February 06, 2005

SuperBowl Schmooperbowl

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! The Superbowl is here in Jacksonville, and all I've heard is Superbowl, Superbowl, Superbowl for the past few weeks. Lord will I be glad when its over. There has been fireworks every night for the past three nights, which I couldn't go to :::pout:: because I had to work, and the traffic is just OMG. There are all kinds of people everywhere, the Wal-Mart has one of those little tourist trap type kiosks at the front of the store with "Jacksonville, Florida" doodads and souvenirs on it. There are, apparently, tons of celebrities here, partying and having a blast, but I have no time..cuz I got two money..cuz I got too many bills I had to pay..and no way to get there if I did. So the Superbowl sucks. The players were out at the bars partying with people the other night, and I missed it. pffft. Not that I'd want to go out and hang with celebrities anyway, given the gigantuan size of my ass. I am back on Weight Watchers, because my attempts at trying to start and stick to a diet on my own have met with miserable failure. I lose 10 or 15 pounds, and then gain it all back ..and then some. So, I'm drinking tons of water.. TONS..and floating. I spend a large amount of time in the bathroom these days. The good thing about upping your water intake is you get a lot more exercise. You walk back and forth from the kitchen to get water, and then back and forth to the bathroom to pee, about triple the number of times you would without the extra water. The good thing about all the drinking and peeing is I do feel lighter. I don't have a scale or access to one, not that I'd get on it anyway, so I'll never know if I'm actually losing or not. Oh well, back to work I guess. ..see how much I can get done between pee breaks.

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