Friday, May 27, 2005

Quote for Today

Quote for today:
"American women, I believe, actually feel the same as Hispanic women about weight..a desire for the comfort of fullness.. and when that desire is suppressed for style, and deprivation allowed to rule.,dieting, exercising American women become afraid of everything associated with being curvaceous, such as wantoness , lustfullnes, sex, food, motherhood... all that is best in life"
from Spanglish

Oh yeah.. BTW.. just in case anyone was wondering..or cared.. I have not fallen off the face of the earth or completely abandoned my beloved blog. I have just been really, really busy and too preoccupied with the crap of life to form coherent thoughts. LOL I will return.. I think..really really soon and try to post something semi-intelligent and interesting to someone other than me. I said try..I promise nothing.

Just somethings going on:
1. J left me last month (yeah!!!) but then he came back (dammit!!) so he's still here but I still hold out hope that one day this may not be so.
2. I am in the process of FINALLY getting my mortgage done and buying my house. I know its been a year since I started working on getting it done, but those phuqinng hurricanes and a few other things really nailed me to the wall.. I'm better now and hopefully it will happen really, really soon.
3. I quit job #1 and am only working one job now..its going well I guess.. and all is good there.
4. Still spending lots of time on my yahoo BBW group.
5. Planning a trip to visit my brother for a few days possibly in June with my sister and her kids. Really looking forward to that.
6. I've been kinda talking to someone I like.. its a different someone than the someone I said I was talking to before.. He turned out to be not such a good idea..very sexy, but not such a good idea.. Which is usually the case with the very sexy, as it turns out. Its just talk so far, but I'm really enjoying the I think its worth mentioning.

So thats a quick overview of the majors and I'll get to the details of everything else at some point. So, thats about it and work beckons.. so I'm off again.

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