Friday, August 26, 2005

Taco Frisbees and Stuff

I can't believe I ate the whooooole thing. OMG I'm stuffed. We just went to Taco Bell and I got this thing.. I have no idea what it's called.. but it's kinda flat with a soft tortilla on the outside and a crunchy taco on the inside..filled with all the taco stuff ..and then its folded over so its closed up and then grilled. Looks like a taco Frisbee .. yuuuuumm man was it good. Or maybe I was just really really hungry.. but now I'm stuffed to the gills. I don't know what it is, J ordered it for me and said to try it. Trusting soul that I am, I agreed.. and it actually turned out to be quite enjoyable.. unlike so many things J suggests I try. Now I have to wonder how J..who never has any cash and is always needing to borrow 5 or 10 bucks from me, and never brings me home any Taco Bell.. or anything else for that matter...knows that this new taco Frisbee is really yummy. It seems to me to mean that he's sneaking out to the Taco Bell and Lord knows where else and eating all kinds of stuff during the day. and not telling me or bringing me anything. Scumbag! lol Although, I guess I can't complain, cuz there's been quite a few times I've gone out to eat at real Olive Garden and Golden Corral and China Buffet and never told him or brought him anything. But, really, that's not the point.

I've been waiting for the rain for most of the day today, and It just started raining here.. like 2 seconds ago. The sky opened up and whoooosh.. thunder, .lightning, hard, driving rain.. good thing I have no life and no plans for tonight. But now my satellite just went out too..grrrrr. The only reason I went back to the satellite dish. Even though I swore I never would because I hate that they go out every time the wind blows.. besides the fact that its cheaper than cable.. is the satellite ordering dude reassured me that they don't go out anymore every time the wind blows. I must admit that they go out a lot less often than they used to, but still they do go out every time it rains more than a drizzle. The only improvement is that so far they haven't stayed out for more than 5 or 10 minutes, and we haven't had to climb up to the roof to readjust the thing by hand YET.. But when you're in the middle of Friends and your TV goes blank, the fact that it will eventually come back on is really not the point!

Now I have a contract with the Dish people for 2 years, so if I get sick of it and decide to go back to cable it'll cost me... as most things do. Sorta like the almost $700 I owe T-mobile because of cancelling the contract with them early, that will now probably end up on my credit report. Can you believe that shit??!! $700!! I had 2 phones on a 2 year contract and had to cancel my service, and for that they want $700.. they can kiss my shiny white hiney. I even called them and told them I wanted to resume my service could I get a break on the $700, since it was mostly contract fees.. but noooo.. that's not happenin' Not only can I not get a break, if I do pay off the $700 and then want to resume my service, they would require me to pay a deposit...they're funny funny people there at T-mobile. The fact that I didn't pay the bill on time.. which was really not my fault...and I did sign a contract saying that I agreed to this cancellation fee if I cancelled early.. and I did in fact cancel early.. is again.. really not the point!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Hello my little luv muffins! How is everyone's Sunday going so far? Mine is going pretty good so far.. Its only noon and I've already managed to work a little bit, go grocery shopping, and out to breakfast. I'm on a roll today!! We went to Huddle House for breakfast and I had a really, really yummy western omelet.. mmmmmm.... we didn't go to Wally World, like we had planned, cuz we didnt feel like dealing with Sunday morning crowds.. so we ended up at Winn Dixie where I somehow managed to spend over $200.. of course 20+ of that was his cigarettes and another 20+ of it was dog and cat food, but still ...that wasn't cheap. Guess that's what happens when ya let your fridge get empty before ya go shopping LOL This eating crap is pretty darn expensive these days. Gas is up to 2.55 a dang gallon too. sheesh.. time to buy a bike...

Okay, so I know it's been a few months since I've posted anything at all .. and anyone who might care probably thought I died .. or at least completely gave up the blog, but nope. I'm still alive and kicking, and still posting. So, maybe I'm only averaging one post every 3 months, but whatta ya want. I'm a busy, busy girl these days. I'm back to working 3 jobs as of last week. I like them pretty much...too early to tell if they have long-term possibilities, but it's all good for now.

I'm STILL trying to get my house bought.. Yeah, Its been a year and a half since I moved in.. but I finally had an actual appraisal done last Wednesday, so I think we're actually in the home stretch now. I might actually FINALLY get it done. Don't hold your breath though. There's always the chance something will go wrong. The biggest worry is that they will start putting leins on the property before I get it bought because the guy I'm buying it from has a full blown coke habit and lost his job.. is about to have his truck repo'd.. yeah, he's not doing well.. and before they start going after him and I get screwed, I gotta get it all done. So, pray for me!! I have big ideas and plans for upgrading and renovating once the deal is done, but am holding off on anything til its final. I want to add a room, enlarge the kitchen, add a 1/2 to 3/4 bath, move the washer and dryer inside where they belong, paint,.. that kinda stuff.. I want to make a little patio/courtyard area in the front of the house too..and J says he'll put in a pond for me... but It's all gonna take time.

As you can see, j is still here, but his days are numbered. We're not much more than roomies anymore anyway, but he's been working steady the past few months and paying me rent WOOHOOOO.. . but really, we get on each other's nerves more than anything, and I'm sick of the crap. Besides, there's someone. maybe a couple someone's even.. that I'm kinda wanting to get closer to. There's things brewing that I can't really get into at the moment, lets just put it that way. I'm going away in November ..  up to Mass for a week to visit Lisa.. I'm really excited about that and I'll have more news to report regarding him and the things that are brewing after that week... I know, ya can't wait can ya!! So.. anyway.. that's about all the news for the moment, and maybe I'll actually post again before the next 3 months is up. ..maybe...