Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Day After Halloween

Well Halloween is over and I got exactly.. drumroll please.....ZERO trick or treaters. I had a big bucket full of 3 musketeers, tootsie pops, and Reeses cups and nobody knocked.. so, I'm sad to say.. I will be forced to eat it all myself. That is just terrible!!! hehehehe.. but I did see a few kids dressed in their costumes walking down the street. I guess they didn't stop here because they're afraid of the dogs or sunthin.. oh well, maybe next year. That means today is one of the bestest and least celebrated holidays of the whole year.. HALF-PRICE HALLOWEEN CANDY DAY.. followed closely in popularity by its Half-Price Christmas Candy Day and Half-Price Easter Candy Day.. hey, I don't make this stuff up! In honor of HPHCD we went to Wally World.. okay, no we didn't actually go all the way to Wally World for the candy..we had to go get a belt for the vacuum cleaner.. but since we were there we took advantage of the wonder that is HPHCD. I could have been really bad and loaded up on bags of mini candy bars and candy corn and all the other stuff they had in the basket, but I was good.. because if I indulged my deep, unwavering love for all things chocolate I would then eat all that i bought.. and that would be bad for the already gargantuan size of my behind. Though.. I have to admit.. I would be a happy, happy girl for a while. All I bought was a bag of miniature Milky Ways and a big bag of miniature boxes of candy sticks. Candy sticks, if you're wondering, are what used to be known in the olden days of my faroff youth as candy cigarettes. I suppose the PC police have gotten to the candy makers though, and not wanting to encourage the little tykes to smoke, they removed the painted on pink color at the end that was meant to look like the cigarette was lit, and now it's just a simple plain, white stick of candy..2 to a little tiny box.. But the BEST part of the candy sticks is they have different Spider Man, The Hulk, and X-Men pictures on them. Soooo coool. Had to have em!! We didn't buy anything else very exciting.. except I did buy the Bewitched DVD .. I haven't seen the movie yet. I Loooove Bewitched and I couldn't wait for it come out. I will probably watch that later on tonight, though I've heard its different than the show.. No Larry Tate?? what's up with that?? But knowing that before I watch it is good, so I won't be disappointed and won't expect it to be like the TV show other than a chick named Samantha gets hooked up with a mortal dude.. that's my expectation. I hope I'll like it. The cool thing is, it came with a DVD with 3 episodes of the TV show on it.. gotta love a gift with purchase.

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