Monday, January 02, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ..a little late

Happy New Year Everyone. Yes, here I am once again.. only a couple months between posts LOL I hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas and partied like crazy on NY Eve. Personally, I had a pretty good Christmas. I spent Christmas Eve with the family, like usual, and then Christmas Day I worked, but I don't do anything that day anyway, so that was no big deal. I got lots of goodies too.. I got the 2nd season of Charmed DVDs.. just need season 3 now.. and a couple other things from the bf, like a really pretty light blue sweater I picked out for myself and a big, huge, very soft and cuddly stuffed dog that I fell in love with in Wally World so he got it for me. Then my sister got me a really pretty, aqua colored button down sweater.. I love it. New Years Eve I sat home, pretending to work.. cuz I didn't actually get much done between phone calls, IMs and emails of Happy New Year from everyone LOL I had a pretty good time though. .drank a bottle of cheap wine and chatted with some friends.. and didn't have to fight the drunks or wake up with a hangover.. so not too bad.

Anyway.. I have been meaning to get back to posting here and updating more often, cuz I really miss it, but the thing is that I'm pretty sure that J found this blog, and I feel like I can't really write what I want here much anymore. It really sucks, cuz I really enjoyed posting here, but until I figure out a way to keep his nose outta here, I probably won't be doing too much. I've started another blog on my Yahoo 360 page, but I don't post much personal chatty type stuff there like I've always done here. It's mostly funny jokes and pics and stuff I find on my travels, and different things I find, poems and stuff, but I do post personal stuff every once in a while too. If you want to check it out, its at, but you won't be able to see my blog unless you're on my friends list, or on a friends of a friends of a friends list. I had to do that, change it from public to restricted, to keep his big nose out of there. He's really, really not happy that I blocked him from it, but I just got sick of listening to bullshit from him about every thing I post. I'm sick of a lot of things from him lately, way more so than usual. He's always been a PIMA, and we've always argued and fussed and had our problems, but lately over the last few weeks its so, so much worse than usual. I'm at the end of my rope with him, and if he doesn't get up outta my ass and stop pissing me off and stressing me out, he's gonna have to go. I know, I've been threatening to boot him for a long time, but I never had a real solid reason to, but going through my computer while I sleep looking for "evidence" that I'm cheating on him or doing something wrong, and constantly accusing me of cheating, lying to him, and every other thing under the sun, the way he has been lately, has put me right over the edge from irritated to extremely pissed off. He's got my stomach in knots from the stress, and I refuse to live constantly having to watch myself, hide stuff in my own house.. I had to lock my computer desktop to keep him out of my computer for Gawd's sake.. and the constant arguing and on and on and on bitching and whining OMGGGGG... who wants to live with that sh*t?? It would be one thing if I was cheating, thinking of cheating, or had ever cheated, but he's convinced I am and have, and he just hasn't caught me. He's the only one who has ever cheated, but I don't constantly harass him  about it.  Mostly cuz I'm secretly hoping he'll find someone he loves more than me and leave me!  LOL  Anyway, I could go on and on and on about the insane bullshit with him, but I'm sick of thinking about it. It just really sucks when you have spent the better part of 7 years with someone.. who claims to really really love you.. and he thinks you're a whore.. for no reason other than he has a warped and demented mind.

Anyway, I will try to post some more here, cuz I feel bad just leaving my poor blog that I've always enjoyed so much just sittiing here dead.. and I miss those of you I got to know when I was actively blogging and surfing your blogs.. I guess I just need to find a way to keep him outta here too, then I'd be fine, but I really would hate to go private and close it just because he's demented.


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