Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yes, folks that is our topic of conversation today. I'm, of course, not talking about any of you guys reading this, because I'm sure you are all perfectly wonderful and never behave like assholes. Specifically, I'm talking about the asshole who lives with me. He is quite possibly the biggest asshole in the history of assholes. Okay..maybe that's a slight exaggeration cuz he's never hit me or stolen from me or anything like that.. so I suppose I gotta give him brownie points for that...but personality-wise..he is King Asshole. I know, its my own fault cuz I haven't booted him yet, so I really have noone to blame but myself, but knowing that fact doesn't make it any less frustrating or make me want to smash him over the head with a blunt object any less. Sometimes he can be almost like a normal person, and he can be considerate and sweet once in a while..but he can go from Zero to asshole in about 2 seconds Maybe I'm over reacting, I probably am actually, but he just pushes my buttons and pisses me off. I could explain to you what happened, but you probably wouldn't see the significance in what he said not knowing how he is and the way he acts.. and that this was just another incident of his having to open his mouth and say some negative critical comment about some tiny little thing that most people.. i.e.: sane people.. wouldn't notice or feel a need to comment on... and it just made me go OFF. Maybe I'm wrong..maybe I'm overly sensitive...This morning, as he was driving home from work, I was talking to him on the phone, having a perfectly nice, calm conversation while I fixed breakfast for us... and everything was fine.. then he came in the house and managed in maybe 3 minutes of walking in the door to piss me off so bad I wanted to tell him where to shove the eggs instead of feed them to him. He was in his room talking to me while I was attempting to coat the French toast and put it in the pan, but the bread was kinda soft and it kept I kept saying stuff like "dammit" and "shit".. so he tells me I don't need to keep saying dammit and shit.. I said shit once and, apparently, I'm only allowed one "shit" as an expression of frustration, no matter how many pieces of bread get broken. This wouldn't be so frustrating if it was the first time he's made a comment of this nature in some similar situation.. he does this all the time!!! If I were trying to hammer a nail and smashed my thumb and said "ouch" or more likely whatever cuss word came flying Outta my mouth, according to his logic, if I hit it again and again in the process I shouldn't be allowed to express that I hurt it again, because the fact that it hurts to hit your thumb with a hammer had already been sufficiently noted with the first "ouch". Maybe I'm too sensitive..but it just got me a little riled. THEN after I calmed down and went to eat my breakfast.. he was stupid enough to come in and make some totally unnecessary, unneeded, uncalled for, and of course negative and critical comment about something I forwarded to him..and everyone else on my MySpace friends list.. he aint too bright but he certainly is brave. WHY??? why did he have to make the trip to my room to say something derogatory and negative.. he just HAD TO TELL ME. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. He thinks I'm unreasonable and possibly unbalanced...well, if I am its cuz he made me that way. Okay.. end of rant.. I'm better now..