Saturday, October 06, 2007

Alive and Kicking!

Hey..guess what! I'm still alive! LOL I know I abandoned my blog for a while.. and I probably won't be posting after tonight on any kind of a regular basis either.. but ya never know. I just wanted to put a little something in here while I've got a few spare minutes to let anyone who may remember I used to blog here and care that I am still alive. Lots and lots of changes since the last time I posted. The biggest one DING DONG THE PITA'S GOOOOONE!! Yes, I finally did it.. I'm finally free officially as of the end of last it been that long since I've posted?? Time sure flies. I also moved from Jacksonville to Middleburg, Florida.. just a town away but I'm living out in the "back of beyond" now .. just me and some cows out here.. and I have a roomie. His name is Phil.

I took some pics of the house and the yard and the dogs and stuff and put them up here.. you can go look if ya like

I got a new baby last August.. a year ago this past August.. wow..dang it HAS been a long time since I've updated LOL I'll post some pics of her later. There's a few of her at the link above. Her name is Daisy and shes a 1 year old black Great Dane.. she's the most beautiful puppy EVER! She was just in heat until the end of this past week, and I was supposed to breed her ..but I couldn 't do it this time.. long story . But next time she goes into heat, I will most likely be breeding her..she's gonna make some gorgeous babies, so if anyone's in the market for a great dane puppy let me know!

I also have a new honey.. we've been dating since February 15th. His name is Mike and I've known him for about 3 years. I'll post pics of him another time too because at the moment I'm not having great luck with trying to get pics to post.. or finding my pics.. grrr..

A year ago last August I discovered online karaoke! I love karaoke.. and this is the best site .. its at If you love to sing, go check it out. It's free and they have about a zillion songs and over 10,000 members.. You can check me out here.. I didn't say I was any good.. just that I love it LOL

Well, I know this post is very short and spare on the details after not posting for so long, but it's late and I got a bunch of stuff I want to get done. I'll try to post some more later.

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