Sunday, October 28, 2007

Complaints Board.. a cool website

If your inbox and your spam folder look anything like mine, I'm sure you get tons of ads and offers every day, and some of them can seem really great. I got one today from one of the survey companies I do surveys with for a thing called Horizon Gold Credit Card. They claimed to give you a $500 unsecured credit card with no credit check, etc. RIIIIGHT!! Well, having been aroud the block a few times, I looked for the fine print.. There's ALWAYS fine print, where they tell you the outrageous fees, or that it really is a secured card and you need a deposit, etc.. but I didn't see any so I decided to Google it and see what I could find out. I came up with this website called Complaints Board where there were, of course, numerous complaints about this company, explaining that it's not really a credit card, it's one of those they give you a credit limit to buy their crap from their website.. and they charge you 79.95 to join.. which it didn't say ANYWHERE on the ad I received. So, I saved myself the hassle of getting hooked by this scam.. and found a great new website. This site has tons of stuff listed that are searchable by subject or by website/product name, and it has tips for consumers and all kinds of other helpful stuff. You can register a complaint about anything you're not satisfied with too, and you don't even have to register or anything like that to do it. Works for me!

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