Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hit Me Up!

Good Gawd am I outta the loop. I used to blog like a fiend..updating several times a day. I visited other people I found by surfing through blogs and checking out other people's blogrolls and have quite a good list of blogs I Dooce, Buzz, and Helen (she and the Lemonheads are home and doing SPECTACULAR..btw).. But now, having been pretty much out of the whole blogging thing for so long I had no clue just how many networking/ community/ blogging/social sites there are.. I have been a member of MySpace, Yahoo360, Blogger, Hi5, Tagged, StumbleUpon and a few others for quite a while and I have small lists of friends on each that, unfortunately, I rarely have time to visit or interact with anymore. I miss, today I decided it was high time I got back into blogging a little bit..catch up.. visit some old friends and update my blog and my personal domain site (in progress still).. and there's so MANY things out there to join. and Furl, Bebo, blog this and blog that Digg, Redditt, Blinklist.. on and on and on..not to mention YouTube, Kaboodle and Flikr and those sorts of things.. YouTube is a time-sucking void that it's very easy to waste hours a day surfing and checking stuff out.. Don't even get me started on Ebay and Wikipedia!!..and I have one burning question.. where the HELL do you people find the time to update and network and keep track of all of these communities in any kind of real way? LOL

Well.. I found and joined MyBlogLog today, and I think I'll really like that one.. and Twitter.. another I have high hopes for. If you're stopping by and you are looking for me on any one of these networking sites, you can usually find me under JaxVenus or Suze05. One place I spend a bit of time...aside from Singsnap because I'm addicted and the addicted can't help themselves.. is Mylot.. so if you're a member look me up.. if not check it out Mylot

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