Friday, October 12, 2007


I have a friend who is going to school to be a hairdresser and another who has been a hairdresser for quite a while. Every time I talk to them, it seems they're telling me about one friend or family member or acquaintance of some kind who wants them to cut their hair for them.. usually for free. I also know a few people who have trucks, and someone is always asking them to borrow their truck or asking them to help them move, or to go pick up a large item with/for them because it won't fit in their car. So, I got to thinking.. when do you draw the line? How do you say no to friends and family when they ask you to do something like this.. I'm sure computer techs, web designers, doctors, lawyers, and anyone with any kind of special skill gets the same thing all the time. Most people, because they are friends..even when they aren't that close of a friend, will expect people to do things for them free, or at greatly reduced prices.. I know I do it sometimes too. We forget that these people do these things for a living and get paid, it's their job, so why do we expect them to do it for free for us? In the case of people who own trucks, why do we assume they want to spend their weekends or spare time schlepping heavy stuff for us ..for people and movers make pretty decent money, yet we use and abuse our friends. Most people are too nice to say no, and the ones who do say no, they won't do it for free, I'm sure are thought of as money grubbing or stingy or unreasonable.. after all, how can you charge a friend or family member? Does this happen to you? do you do it to others? would you expect to pay a friend who cuts your hair or performs a service they normally get paid for, for you?
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