Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trick or Treat! What's In Your Candy Bowl


Lions and tigers and bears.. OH MY! Yes, Kids..it's that time again. Tomorrow is Halloween night, and all your friends and family members will be magically tranformed into scary creatures and things that go bump in the night. Then, sometime around sundown tomorrow night, the streets will be filled with miniature witches and ghosts and Hannah Montanas and Harry Potters..or whatever the hot costume is this year. Unless your neighborhood is like mine and the houses are too far apart to walk to trick or treating.. I'm not sure what they do around here for Halloween actually.. hmmmm. Do kids still even trick or treat anymore in most places? Sad...we used to walk from street to street and house to house.. dressed in real costumes, not a boxed one with a plastic mask.. freezing our butts off most of the time, cuz it tends to be chilly in Massachusetts in October.. and we'd come home with bags full of goodies and be on a sugar high for a week! Ahhhh ...the good ol' days!! We always knew which house to go to .. which ones gave out the good stuff, and which ones gave out popcorn balls, apples - which we weren't allowed to eat of course, or those little Dum Dum pops. The real good ones.. the ones that gave out full size chocolate bars or some other treasure..we'd sometimes hit twice! I love candy bars..or anything chocolate, really.. so my favorites were always the ones that gave out Snickers, 3 Muskteers, Milky Ways, KitKats, or M&Ms.. So, what are you giving out this year? Did you even buy any candy?
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