Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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I have been so preoccupied lately, I haven't had much time to post over here. I've been working on my Suze Says blog and still trying to tweak starrbrite.com, and there's been a little bit of drama around the homefront that has me kinda preoccupied. The other day my roomie, Phil, informed me, very much out of the blue, that he wants me to find somewhere for my baby, Daisy, to go. He says he's decided she's just too big for the house. I don't know why, all of a sudden, she's too big, but he says it's too much with 4 dogs and the cat, and with her being so big it's just too much. She's a 1-1/2 old black great dane, so yeah, she's a little big, but she's so calm and sweet and more well-behaved than the other 3, but he says she's got to go. Bottom line is, he wants to start dating and inviting women over, and I think he's afraid she'll scare them or jump on them or something. She doesn't jump on people, but I really don't know. I could just keep her in the room with me when he has company, but I guess that's not an option. Anywho, I have been a little bummed about that and not much in the mood to chat. I have a friend who says she knows someone who will keep her for me for a while, so I'm just pretty much biding my time until he pushes the issue, and then I'll make her go if I have to. It really, really sucks though, because I really like it here. Phil and I get along great, and the dogs love it here. Not to mention that, if we leave, poor Brutus will be alone again. He loves my dogs, and Phil's gone a lot, so he spends a lot of time alone sometimes, but i'll have to move if he makes her go. I told Phil that, and he says I probably won't be able to find anyone who'll let me have her either, but I'm going to try and find someone who will anyway. I'm not willing to just give her up and let her go.. that's my baby..she's my heart. Not a lot of places will take big dogs, and especially when I have the other 2 as well..and a cat. It might take me a while to find a place, but I'll find one eventually. My friend, Brenda, has 13 danes and she managed to find a place to rent to her. She and I are talking about getting a place together, because she just moved but she'd like to move again, so I may do that. It will suck having to leave here in a lot of ways, but then again it would be really nice to live somewhere close to civilization again, instead out in the "back of beyond" where I can't even get a pizza delivered. I can't even get cell phone reception out here, and don't get me started on the nasty, sulfur-y water. It cost me 40.00 to take a cab to the grocery store and back one day. That will tell ya how far out I am LOL It's just gonna break my heart.. A LOT..to have to send her away for even a little while. oh well, I'll work it all out, and it will all work out in the end the way it's meant to be..it always does.

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