Saturday, April 23, 2011

Do Url Shorteners hurt SEO?

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Anyone who regularly posts links to places like Twitter or Facebook, or anywhere really that has a character limit, is well aware of how vital a good url shortener program is.  If you’re just regularly posting pictures of your lunch, well maybe you’re not too concerned about the effect of using these services on your backlinks and SEO.  For bloggers and marketers, on the other hand, it could be hugely significant. I’ve been wondering for a while now about the effects of url shorteners on the links  I post, and while poking around the internet today, I came across a couple of different blog posts about it and this video by Matt Cutts, explaining that url shorteners do not hurt your SEO if the service uses a 301 redirect.  The page rank and anchor text do flow through from the shortened link.  ...

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