Monday, September 19, 2011

Netflix's New Split Personality..are They Crazy?

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Netflix sent out an announcement today that first apologized for the way they handled the announcement of the price hikes that started this month, and then in the next breath majorly screwing the pooch again!� They announced the launch of Qwikster, their new DVD division.� Apparently, Netflix is tired of providing their customers with a streamlined service and website where they can select movies to either stream or order on DVD and manage both queues in the same place. Instead, they are now going to split their DVD and streaming services into two completely separate entities, with different names and different websites.� That means two accounts, two charges on your credit card, if you subscribe to both services, and too many things to manage.� For people who only stream or only get the DVDs, the change isn't a big deal. Since many people dropped one or the other option with the new price hikes, they will now still only have one account to worry about. For those who are still using both services, like me, it's going to be a big hassle.� ...

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